How to Generate Income from “Expired Domains”

Generate Income from Expired Domains

  • Good Page Rank

A good way to cash in on Internet potential to make money is to find expired domains that have good page rank and set them up on your own site. Every week hundreds and hundreds of domains expire for whatever reason. Most of them are worthless, but you can trawl through each days new offerings and find domains with better than Page Rank 3. Maybe the owner forgot to renew, or they changed their e-mail address and didn’t get notified about the expiry, or they just plain lost interest, or they reached their ‘use by date’, and got sent to that giant domain in the sky…..

  • Expired Domains

What you do is go to some expired listing service – like Godaddy, click on Domain Auctions and then navigate to “Expired Domains”. and the Expiring Tab. Click on the Traffic Column header to sort the domains by Traffic and you will

………………………………………… find some quite impressive traffic available for quite nominal bidding.

Traffic for Expired Domains.

Another trick with Godaddy is to simply sort them by price, and list them in your browser window one at a time and watch the Google Page Rank scale. With a bit of mindless determination, you can find domains for $5 with PR3 or better. Try it!

  • Finding Expired Domains

Another place to look for expired domains is this site , although you need to register here to see the ‘goodies’. This one has a FREE section and another PAID section with lots more info available.

A word of caution here – the PR may be faked. Check it out BEFORE you buy. If this idea is new to you, read some more here.

  • Good Keywords

Having found some potential domains for a price that will fit your budget, choose the ones with good keyword appeal, and buy them. Set them up with appropriate keyword optimization on your own host and load them with Adsense/Affiliate/E-Book links, and let the Search Engines rediscover them. They will enjoy immediate traffic from the old PR rank in the SE caches and existing back-links; and if you did it right, your renewed site will continue to grow, and you’ll be smiling as you generate income from expired domains.


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7 Responses to How to Generate Income from “Expired Domains”

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  2. Adam says:


    Interesting article. Gives some points to think over.

    While the word of caution – that the PR may be faked, is well taken, I wonder what could be the point of buying an expired/ expiring domain with high traffic. The first thing first part is – if the domain has such a high traffic and high PR, why did the owner let it expire instead of building upon it further and even utilizing the benefits of it.

    And secondly, once the domain changes hand, the traffic would continue for a few days in its previous momentum but as the previous owner’s involvement and adding of content blanks out, the visitors would notice it and the traffic would start falling sharply.

    Of course, a domain could have spread so much beyond its initial shape that it was driven not by the owner adding content but by the contents added by visitors, and such domains would surely survive the changing hands. That gets us back the original question, why would the original owner sell it at all – as you mentioned, so cheap at $3 or $5?

    I am a user of Dave Kelly’s Linkvana that is a tool that gives unlimited, PR2-5, one-way links for an unlimited number of sites. The useful information given in your article would help me in my work.


  3. Rhys says:

    Hi Adam!

    Glad to have you stop by. You said; “That gets us back (to) the original question, why would the original owner sell it at all – as you mentioned, so cheap at $3 or $5?”.

    It isn’t the owner selling the domain, but the domain Provider, a bit like a re-possessed car. Mostly what happens is the site goes expired by default, like people make the classic mistake of using their site for the contact e-mail, and of course they don’t get the “expired” notices, and don’t realize it has expired until it is too late; or they didn’t update their contact e-mail when they changed IPs.

    The PR springs mostly from external links, which survive for some time after the site has expired, and the trick is to get the site up and running quickly, so that those existing links can still function and bring traffic.

    Rhys’s last blog post..Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister

  4. Trudy says:

    Register compass (paid web server software) is an awesome platform I have used for the better part of two years to pick up dropping and expired domains for existing traffic (usually a 301 redirect) or building a new site (sometimes even modeling after what I find in the “way back machine). I like to think of domains as: one man’s trash is another’s treasure! Thanks for the great post.

    P.S. I don’t have an affiliate link for Register Compass, I am just a loyal user! Google them and learn more about it. 🙂
    Trudy´s last blog post ..backlinks seo

  5. Susan says:

    I like Register Compass (used it for several months) but got tired of it and started doing things the old fashioned way. It feels more natural to me than having to learn a software like Register Compass.
    Susan´s last blog post ..Download Internet TV Software

  6. Rhys says:

    @Susan –

    Maybe I’m lazy, but I don’t bother with many tools apart from the G keyword tool.

    😉 – Rhys

  7. Susan says:

    Thats how I find the best KWs though… I take several tools and mash the results together then run numbers on them (searches and competition). I also gain a lot more insight on the types of buying phrases to target! One tool is certain KW death.
    Susan´s last blog post ..find the cheapest satellite internet

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