Host your Niche Sites for Free

Why not Host your Niche Sites for Free?

Okay, so you got this terrific “long tail keyword” and you want to make a niche site for it, but you are thinking twice about maybe it mightn’t work, and you want to put your toe in the water first before you spend too much, so what do you do?

Simple answer: try either of these………

  • Sub-Domain

1. Just set up your trial on a sub-domain on your main site. You use the Long Tail Keyword as the domain name – like this Easy, right?, and you don’t have the aggro of trying to buy a domain name with that particular key phrase……….. or,

  • Add-on Domain

2. Next trick is to look for an expired domain with some kind of connection to your key phrase and set up your new niche site using that domain as an add-on to your existing domain. You might get lucky and find an expired domain with both a key link AND some PR – you can buy PR3 or better expired names just for the effort of searching the current expired lists, and from $5.00

  • Full Featured Domains

Of course, if your current host doesn’t offer add-ons and sub-domains as part of your deal, you might need to look around for a better domain host where you can host your niche sites for free.


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8 Responses to Host your Niche Sites for Free

  1. freestuff says:

    Ilike the idea of looking for domain name. Sounds interesting i will have to try it and see how well it works.

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  2. Nice tip. Most people think they need new domain name every time they want to make new site. If you pick a general term out sometimes you can mutiple niche sites that relate to domain name also.

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  3. I see alot of domain names that had good pr but make sure to keep topic the same and try to make similar post so google does not lower rank.

  4. Nice tip. If you find some domain names with links and rank already and they have keyword terms in domain you want i think that is a great idea.

  5. Thanks i already use sub domain names and your post about expired ones looks interesting. I will have to look at it more and see if i can do this for a site or two.

  6. your Niche Sites for Free info in this article.It is really a great way to find Niche Sites for Free.Thanks for this great sharing….
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  7. Hi,Nice post with have good info.Look at Ebay’s fees. You can also look at what companies pay affiliates like what does Amazon pay when someone buys a book thru an affiliate.

  8. just make your website visible in any search engines. i advise that you should be visible in Google search engine. Optimize your website in the right way to get in, not by spamming…

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