Monetize your Website

Monetise Your Web Site
How to Monetize your Website

  1. Create a website
  2. Load it with Affiliate links, Ads, or Links to Ads
  3. Build Traffic to Your Site
  • Two Common Ways  to Monetise Your Web Site

There are two common ways  to Monetise your web site.

  1. Direct sales. With direct sales your site is devoted to advertising and selling one or more products – whether it be big Blue Gizmos that you ship, or “drop-ship” directly to your readers; an Amazon Shop; or some electronic,  or other Service, or invisible (digital) item, such as an E-Book
  2. Indirect Sales. With Indirect Sales you create a targeted site that attracts readers on the target subject, then you load your information articles with either “text links“, and or surrounding ads, like Affiliate ADs, , or Google Adsense.”  E.G., Create a site about iPhones and put lots of Amazon IPhone affiliate or commission links in it.
  • Promoting your Web Site by Building Traffic

This site is devoted mainly to promoting good SEO practices, and discussion thereon.

  1. The prime method of building traffic is always to provide focused top quality content! The more the better!
  2. Build even more traffic by getting “back-links” that point to your site.
  3. Site Synergy” – Optimizing your site using  efficient linked internal links and the clever use of “Key Words” and Long-tailed Keywords, a process best described as “Keyword Coherence“.
  4. Good SEO – Start here with Google SERP’s and work your way through the other SEO posts listed in the INDEX here.
  • Advertising

Well the simplest method of course is to load your site with Google Adsense ads, or other revenue producing links like the one on the ‘Nav Bar’ on this page. The best method is to link to some product that you own; then you win the whole sale price rather than a small commission!

  • Money-making Links

The next thing you could have a look at is the “affiliate Program” scene. This is pretty easy to do with the simplest method being the ‘text link’ embedded in your post text. This links to some website that sells items (with a commission to YOU!) relevant to your linked ‘keyword’. Example: This HOSTING Link takes you to my Hosting Affiliate link page, and you can find there a really good and reliable web hoster, which I can personally recommend to you.

  • Just Work from Home, Or……

Could you use  extra income each month? Try working from home with something like  SurveyScout But the most accepted way to monetize your web site is to work at providing plenty of quality content, and thereby build good search traffic; and then optimize your site using good SEO practices.  You will be providing a quality product, properly presented, and the traffic and your income will grow accordingly. Have a read of this site for some really good advice from Lis Sowerbutts about earning passive income online.

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  1. Anita says:

    Very interesting post Rhys. I’ve just built my first ever blog hoping to attract more customers to my offline kitchen remodeling business. I’m focusing on high quality content like you suggested but building back-links is a bit complicated for me. I’d love to read more post about SEO from you.

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  3. Calvin says:

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  7. Do people really make a lot of money of monetizing there blog. I have several blogs that have lots of traffic. But I make very little on things like adsense.

  8. craze says:

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  10. marisflores says:

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  11. liza Marie says:

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  12. Grabriella says:

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  13. Valerio says:

    I think link popularity is the most important part of a seo strategy, i saw a website really poor of text but first in the google serp by a really strong key, i can’t explain that…it’s not correct.

  14. Rhys says:

    @Valerio –

    It is probably falsely positioned using paid or multiple backlinks.

    😎 – Rhys

  15. Patricia Megan says:

    I like the idea here thanks for sharing,i guess we need to try things to get good ranking.And about the back links i really had a great time using it.
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  20. Marion says:

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  22. Lonnie says:

    I’m not on the level that I can work from home making a living out of my blog yet, but yes, the link and content is the main ingredient to drive traffic and then (hopefully) money to your blog.

    The question is “What kind of link and content needed?”
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  23. Lowella says:

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  29. ericbabe says:

    easier said than done! i’ve created my own site and placed ads and everything that could draw people to it. it even placed promos and created backlinks for my own site, still the job of building traffic on my own is very hard without any help! great post though it helps others to be encourage and have something to hold on to, in their quest for monetizing their sites. thanks!
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    Interesting Blog, Congratulations!
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  31. I think it is very dangerous to monetize a Website or Blogsite with the links sale, because it is against the Google´s regulation. The site that sell links can be punished.

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  33. ID Supply says:

    I used to do alot of selling of links and what not. Especially with the new Google Panda update… I have sold all of my affiliate sites and changed my game plan completely… Anyone having any luck with affiliates afer Panda?????


  34. Jas_Jas says:

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  41. Casino says:

    Seo strategy , link building and contents are the best.
    Thanks for posting this

  42. Rhys says:

    @Casino –

    I think that the emphasis is off link-building now, in favour of internal linking, content and SEO type laout and style.

    😉 – Rhys

  43. pinkyn says:

    After almost 1 year working on outsource and reading blogs like this, I just got an idea on launching my own blog site since most of you Blog gurus just gave out very good info on how to make money online. If we just use our thoughts,with all these tips we can have our own blog and even yet generate income from it.
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  46. Michael says:

    Reading this post everything looks so easy. Yes, it’s not that difficult but you must put a lot of work to succeed. I would add motivation as a necessary factor to make some money online.

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  50. Rhys says:


    You are right, it is only easy if we factor in “Motivation” as you say!

    😎 – Rhys

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