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  1. hi, I just want to thank you for making these posts. It really gives me a lot of informations about SEO and some other things that goes with it. I already started implementing your method within some of my sites and i hope you will continue to posts the latest information soon. I am a proud follower..Cheers!

  2. Rhys says:

    @IT Outsourcing –

    Thanks for the kind words. Getting the mechanics of linking and kewywords right is becoming more important, especially since Google is knocking out spammy backlink sites.

    😎 – Rhys

  3. Just showing my appreciation sir, you know I’ve been into a number of blogs but they’re not showing it as clear as yours. You clearly define those important aspects in your posts that made it easy to understand. And you also mentioned free tools and terms that are already known even for a newbie. But the most wonderful thing was that it was able to share a very useful information in the simplest ways possible…again great thanks!

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