CommentLuv Guarantees Premium Keyword Backlinks

CommentLuv Guarantees Premium Keyword Backlinks

The reason why CommentLuv guarantees premium keyword backlinks is that this plugin seeks out your last post and uses the Post Title as the anchor text.  Did you get that? It uses the POST TITLE as the ANCHOR TEXT

  • Absolute Best Anchor!

What keyword(s) best describe your post? Well that’s a no-brainer, if ever you heard one! You couldn’t get a better anchor than the title text, because naturally you used the main keyword(phrase) as the post title! You did, didn’t you?

  • How does CommentLuv Work?

This is a little WordPress plugin that works on comments so that whenever you leave a comment, it looks up your own last post and inserts a link to it that looks like this;

“Rhys´s last blog post..How To Hide Adsense From Social Traffic.

(See Andy’s CommentLuv site for how to implement this in Blogger, Etc.)

  • Page Rank from Back Links

Page rank and authority are computed by Google using the number and quality of the back links to it. So a really major part of blog SEO is getting ‘quality’ back links.  A back link from some blog with anchor text like ‘Rhys’s Blog’ does almost nothing for your post authority, but a backlink that echoes the blog keyword(phrase) is exactly what Googlebot looks for and uses to compute the value of the link. Get enough of them and your page rockets up to the No 1 in the SERPs for that keyword. Enter CommentLuv!

  • Turn off NoFollow!

To get the best value from CommentLuv for your visiting commentators you must turn off NoFollow.  This is a built in function of blogs that inserts a rel=”nofollow” code in every comment link.  You need to hunt for the DoFollow plugin, install and activate it. Then your commentators will get the maximum benefit from their comment and link, and hopefully, will return to your blog in the future……  Yahoo and MSN Live ignore the nofollow code, but they hardly send you any traffic anyway, so it is important to set this up so your backlinks will count in the vital place – Google.

  • How to Maximize It!

What I do is search for blogs with related subject matter that use CommentLuv, and if they have NoFollow switched off, I bookmark them and regularly visit there to comment. This helps the subject blog with building comment volume and traffic, and it helps me with really top quality back links to nourish that darn picky li’l Googlebot spider gadget. This process is called ‘Link Luv’ by Andy Bailey, the inventor of CommentLuv, and you can visit his site and discover a whole range of stats, etc, which are also available to users. (NB. To check if nofollow is switched on/off: Goto the View Menu and choose View Source. ( in FF highlight the comment link, right-click, and choose View Selection Source).

  • Backlink Bonanzas!

Need more info on this back link process? Consult the MMO Guru and check out this post on “It’s all in the back links“, also read this parallel post from Alex on unlimited link Love and you will be well on the road to understanding why CommentLuv guarantees premium keyword backlinks! and helps to Monetize Your Site. Find a great list of CommentLuv Blogs by Shanker Bakshi here

  • Updates:

Yep, we do know about KeywordLuv too……

Andy has made this magic improvement where you can now CHOOSE which back-link is displayed – Good one Andy!

Attention Back-link Junkies!!!
All “Drive-by” generic comments  that don’t add to the discussion will be ‘Zorfed’, so please don’t bother wasting your time and my time by posting meaningless fluff.


How To Monetize Your Site

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118 Responses to CommentLuv Guarantees Premium Keyword Backlinks

  1. John Paul says:

    Great Tips.. Have always liked CL,, and now thta it is compatible with Disqus I can DL..
    .-= John Paul´s last blog ..Make Money Blogging: 6 Simple Steps To Pull More Blog Visitors =-.

  2. satrap says:

    search engine and things related to it are always evolving, so its kind of hard to stick with the same plan as you always have to adapt to new rules. specially with google. any way thanks for the post.

  3. air diffuser says:

    Once I have installed it, I have noticed a relative increase on my commenting thread and it now works like a charm on blogger.

  4. for me CommentLuv benefits both blog owners and commentors, the reason is – On a blog owners side, we always wanted to have a lively community on our website for this is a sign that we are doing good in our writing or other works. CommentLuv help blog owners to fulfill this dream and encourage a lot of people to engage in the conversation. While the benefit of commentors like me is being rewarded with do follow links.

    I just wanted to say thanks for the ones who created commentluv as it offers convenience and advantages for both blog owners and commentors.

    .-= SEM management´s last blog ..By: Keyword Search Pros Undergoes 2009 PPC Management Makeover to Capture 2010 Market =-.

  5. I’m definitely a fan of Commentluv and I have implemented it on my blogs. However, along with the increase in comments you also get an increase in “potential” spam

    I say potential, because you can do things to minimize it, but this extra work seems to be he price you pay for the many benefits of Commentluv.
    .-= Boardwalk @ Compare Air Purifiers´s last blog ..Before You Buy Compare Air Purifiers & Know the Dangers! =-.

  6. yeah, it’s ok, but the vast majority of comment and keywordluv sites are now no follow, preventing much, if any linkjuice from following whatsoever.

  7. J Thompson says:

    Very informative, I do a have a question regarding the Blog Titles. Should every blog title include the primary keywords that you are targeting or should you also mix in related keywords as well. I would think that it could come across as a spam blog if every blog title included the same few keyword phrases.
    .-= J Thompson´s last blog ..How Freon is Used In Air Conditioners: Part 1 =-.

  8. Hantya says:

    i don’t know what keyword will i be used for my next blog. do i choose for more visitor or higher value keyword.

  9. Mark says:

    I’ll try it, but I am a little hessitant. Seems a little too good to be true.

    I’ll write a review in a bout a week.

  10. Rhys says:


    Your choice – what is more important to you right now, traffic or income? For long term it is better to build a following (traffic).

    😎 – Rhys

  11. Rhys says:

    @J Thompson

    Do this, and you won’t have the problem you describe:
    Prime KW = Site Title
    LTK’s = Category Names + 1 Post Title/subject + interlink Anchors
    Second tier LTK’s = Post Titles within the relevant category + interlink Anchors
    Plus sprinkle KW’s throughout your text as appropriate.
    😉 – Rhys

  12. ClubPenguinCheats says:

    The great thing about CommentLuv is that its a win-win situation. Commenters get link from it but blog owners get comments and group participation on their site.

  13. Aside from KeywordLuv, I always used CommentLuv plugins since it is easier for me to post comments on here and it will help a lot for my links. The commenter and the blog owner both gets comments from their sites.
    .-= karla@Mobile Phone Free Laptop´s last blog ..Mobile Phone Free Laptop =-.

  14. I’m curious with using commentluv how often you are having to ‘zorf’ people out? I’m a bit worried about having crazy posters who just want a link but add no value but I think I’m going to give it a shot. Thanks again!
    .-= Credit Disputes´s last blog ..Pulling your credit report and credit disputes =-.

  15. Rhys says:

    Yes, I get a lot of this sort of post; “yes you explain that true and exactly simple seo press. 10 to 10 on you

    This adds nothing to the discussion, so I “Zorf” them. On the other hand, since I put CommentLuv up my discussions have rocketed, and it is this interaction that adds so much value to the original posts!

  16. Rhys says:

    You DO say nice things….. Thank you – 😳 Rhys

  17. Well.. I have to say that I truly think the information you are giving to people makes us want to come back. Your posts have answered so many questions I have had and I’m very glad to have found you.. commentluv or not! And I’m going to check into it.
    .-= Improve Credit´s last blog ..The Lengths We Go To To Rebuild and Improve Credit =-.

  18. Rhys says:

    Too many CommentLuv Junkies trying to get links on here without adding value to the dialog. so I have Closed this thread!!!.

    🙄 – Rhys