CommentLuv Guarantees Premium Keyword Backlinks

CommentLuv Guarantees Premium Keyword Backlinks

The reason why CommentLuv guarantees premium keyword backlinks is that this plugin seeks out your last post and uses the Post Title as the anchor text.  Did you get that? It uses the POST TITLE as the ANCHOR TEXT

  • Absolute Best Anchor!

What keyword(s) best describe your post? Well that’s a no-brainer, if ever you heard one! You couldn’t get a better anchor than the title text, because naturally you used the main keyword(phrase) as the post title! You did, didn’t you?

  • How does CommentLuv Work?

This is a little WordPress plugin that works on comments so that whenever you leave a comment, it looks up your own last post and inserts a link to it that looks like this;

“Rhys´s last blog post..How To Hide Adsense From Social Traffic.

(See Andy’s CommentLuv site for how to implement this in Blogger, Etc.)

  • Page Rank from Back Links

Page rank and authority are computed by Google using the number and quality of the back links to it. So a really major part of blog SEO is getting ‘quality’ back links.  A back link from some blog with anchor text like ‘Rhys’s Blog’ does almost nothing for your post authority, but a backlink that echoes the blog keyword(phrase) is exactly what Googlebot looks for and uses to compute the value of the link. Get enough of them and your page rockets up to the No 1 in the SERPs for that keyword. Enter CommentLuv!

  • Turn off NoFollow!

To get the best value from CommentLuv for your visiting commentators you must turn off NoFollow.  This is a built in function of blogs that inserts a rel=”nofollow” code in every comment link.  You need to hunt for the DoFollow plugin, install and activate it. Then your commentators will get the maximum benefit from their comment and link, and hopefully, will return to your blog in the future……  Yahoo and MSN Live ignore the nofollow code, but they hardly send you any traffic anyway, so it is important to set this up so your backlinks will count in the vital place – Google.

  • How to Maximize It!

What I do is search for blogs with related subject matter that use CommentLuv, and if they have NoFollow switched off, I bookmark them and regularly visit there to comment. This helps the subject blog with building comment volume and traffic, and it helps me with really top quality back links to nourish that darn picky li’l Googlebot spider gadget. This process is called ‘Link Luv’ by Andy Bailey, the inventor of CommentLuv, and you can visit his site and discover a whole range of stats, etc, which are also available to users. (NB. To check if nofollow is switched on/off: Goto the View Menu and choose View Source. ( in FF highlight the comment link, right-click, and choose View Selection Source).

  • Backlink Bonanzas!

Need more info on this back link process? Consult the MMO Guru and check out this post on “It’s all in the back links“, also read this parallel post from Alex on unlimited link Love and you will be well on the road to understanding why CommentLuv guarantees premium keyword backlinks! and helps to Monetize Your Site. Find a great list of CommentLuv Blogs by Shanker Bakshi here

  • Updates:

Yep, we do know about KeywordLuv too……

Andy has made this magic improvement where you can now CHOOSE which back-link is displayed – Good one Andy!

Attention Back-link Junkies!!!
All “Drive-by” generic comments  that don’t add to the discussion will be ‘Zorfed’, so please don’t bother wasting your time and my time by posting meaningless fluff.


How To Monetize Your Site

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118 Responses to CommentLuv Guarantees Premium Keyword Backlinks

  1. Seo tips says:

    Yes, using a post title as an anchor text could be helpful. However, it’s not always the best choice, as titles are usually long and usually you won’t get much traffic for a long tail keyword.

    But surely – every little helps. And commentluv is definitely a great plugin and quite seo-friendly too. 🙂


    Seo tips´s last blog post..What I would do if I worked for Google?

  2. Rhys says:

    @ SEO Tips

    It seems our perceptions differ here: I Go for the long title/keywords just because they IMPROVE your SEO chances – you get more shots at the cherry with a really LONG tailed keyword –


  3. Another great thing i forgot to mention before is some sites have comment luv and top commentor. You get link to new post and if your one of top commentors a link to main page on every page on that blog.

    Best etf funds list´s last blog post..Oil etf.

  4. Jasmine says:

    CommentLuv is a great asset. It gives incentive to people to rapidly communicate with each other through comments and wordpress provides the software to also block spam at the same time, so altogether it is a great advancement.

  5. Everybody just wants to keep the juice on their page.. selfish but “normal”

  6. Hi,
    Very nice post.
    Wordpress provides us lot of useful plug-ins.Commentluv is best among them it gives the extra link to commenter as reward for the quality comment.Also it bring the traffic for the blog.So win situation for all.
    Thanks for the sharing the information.

    cheap phone deals´s last blog post..New LG Arena deals on T-Mobile

  7. Hi,
    Commentluv is great.You get link to new post and if your one of top commentors a link to main page on every page on that blog.
    Amazing plugin.
    Well thanks for sharing post.

  8. Hi,
    I will go for the long title/keywords just because they improve your SEO chances you get more shots at the cherry with a really long tailed keyword.
    I think a commentluv with a no follow link is fake.I don’t like sites that use nofollow with it.

  9. This is a great plug-in and an excellent idea to reward participants to your site with a backlink to theirs as well as making the comments part of an article look much more professional. Lets hope its use continues.

  10. José Ary says:

    CommentLuv has completaly changed the way I used to make my comments… the best plugin ever!!!!
    I recommend everyone to have the new version, it includes some very useful updates

  11. Hi,
    Yes,I am agree using a post title as an anchor text could be helpful. However, it’s not always the best choice, as titles are usually long and usually you won’t get much traffic for a long tail keyword.

  12. Rhys says:

    Hi Vicky –

    Actually your long tails work really well because Google picks the various key-phrases out of them and increases your chances. Like finding CommentLuv and Premium Keyword and Backlinks inside theCommentLuv Guarantees Premium Keyword Backlinks anchor!


  13. I have been a long time promoter of CommentLuv as it works an absolute wonders! And if you enable DoFollow it becomes even more beneficial

    Alex @Make Money Blogging´s last blog post..How To Get Paid Blogging About Your Hobby

  14. CommnetLuv is a must plugin for all bloggers. Once I have installed it, I have noticed a relative increase on my commenting thread and it now works like a charm on blogger. In addition, for those who still don’t have a blog, the new ComLuv is a great choice. Great post

    DiTesco @Internet Business Entrepreneur´s last blog post..3 Step Guide To Simple SEO Article Writing

  15. First of all, they tend to lose their PR when more people comment. Secondly, your link may not get posted at all. It may be removed by a moderator. Third, if you post a lot of comments it is impossible to avoid getting listed as a “comment spammer”.

  16. I often click thru if there is an interesting headline below a strong comment. It’s also nice for the blogger to know where their readers are coming from without checking.

  17. You can use Zenofon to make long distance and international VoIP calls from your mobile at dirt cheap rates. It’s really easy to use and will save you a ton of money. Use it straight from your cell phone, with no software downloads, no calling cards and no PINs. Plus they have a sweet multi-tier commission structure so you get paid for life on all the income generated from customers you refer.

  18. Thanks very much for allowing users who bring value to the conversation to be rewarded with a nice anchor friendly backlink to their site. I really appreciate it, everyone knows that link building isn’t fun, but when you can social and do it- it makes it a little more entertaining.

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  20. Kudos on the blog post. I think CommentLuv is a powerful way to increase backlinks. It is especially helpful to those in the real estate agency industry.

  21. This is a great tool for bloggers…all thou it gets difficult to find such blogs that have keywordluv or commentluv enabled. I installed this on my blog and I ended up getting a lot more spam then I wanted. But it is a great way to generate backlinks!

  22. Nice article. WordPress makes it easier for users to turn off nofollow but blogger is still behind on this. I liked your part about anchor text I was always confused about that. Thanks alot, great article!

  23. Cooment luv isa great way to get back links but i wish they let you change keywords so you could have more terms listed in links.

  24. Great post. I like the fact you list some other sites that help find more comment luv blogs. I like the fact you can get link to any post you write so it does help alot.

  25. Thanks a lot for your tips! Thats really nice idea for search backlink for BUZZ some pages 🙂

    once more, thanks for your tips.


  26. Yeah, CommentLuv is rocking but I’ve heard that the new version of CommentLuv gives you a list so you can select which post to select which relates to the article so you can benefit more from your efforts. Is that right?

  27. used tires says:

    Yeah Keyword-luv is great, but the only problem is most of the websites using it are nofollow 🙁

    Hopefully MSN (now Bing) does increase it’s share of the search engine market so we can all gain a much needed traffic boost since you say they count nofollow links.

    Till then,


  28. Christine says:

    thanks for enabling CommentLuv offering the commentee a deeplink. But I agree, KeywordLuv would be a great addition
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Ratenkredit Rechner =-.

  29. It’s great that your blog is dofollow, it really helps and it gives us all a good reason to come by and tell you what we think of your blog posts. 🙂

    It’s good that you are willing to give back to your commentors by letting them have the best backlink possible.

    I’ll definitely pick up on that once I get my blog back online.
    .-= social phobia´s last blog ..Social Phobia — 3 Things I did to get over it updated Sun Sep 13 2009 1:46 pm CDT =-.

  30. brian says:

    Page rank and authority are computed by Google using the number and quality of the back links to it. So a really major part of blog SEO is getting ‘quality’ back links.

  31. with commentluv we can build link and increase pagerank, thanks for enable commentluv on this site
    .-= kang badot seo blog´s last blog ..Mengapa Kita Perlu Outbound Link =-.

  32. I tried this for a while searching for sites, forums, blogs that I could post back links, and it’s harder then it seems. Why don’t you get more credit for what you do? It seems like you would have to have a high tolerance of patience.
    .-= kissing bears baskets´s last blog ..celebrations with bears baskets =-.

  33. Online Money says:

    There are many webmaster who offer with comment luv plug in but forget to switch of their nofollow. Need to switch of nofollow in order to give benefit to orderss who leave comment.
    .-= Online Money´s last blog ..Get indexed within 48 hours or less on Google =-.

  34. Jerry Cash says:

    I use keywordluv, Commentluv, and sport a Do-follow plugin. I feel it’s a good trade-off for the interaction!
    .-= Jerry Cash´s last blog ..Earn Cash Online For Free =-.

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  36. Hey Rhys,

    I love comment love and have that on my blog too. This is really one of the greatest tool that is helping out the bloggers in a great way.

    This tool can be greatly used for gaining backlink and also gaining more important contacts in your niche(only if your content is fresh and awesome)

  37. Joe says:

    Lets face comment luv is a great idea and the reason I showed up here the firs time. Its a win win though. I’ve read the blog, its a great blog. Had I not been looking for comment luv enabled blogs I would likely not have found it. I have comment luv on my blog now. I don’t see the increase in comments though. A few a day and thats it. Im not real concerned with commenting, I should be though.

    Anyway thanks for all you do.
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..Best Business Opportunity thats Often Overlooked =-.

  38. Rhys says:

    Hi Joe –
    Thanks for the thoughts. It’s blokes like you that make CommentLuv worthwhile.

    The increase in comments takes a while, but I see a useful number of visits showing in my stats over time, and CommentLuv certainly kickstarted the comments part of this blog.

    I learn from the commentators as they hopefully have learned from these posts, and the latest surfers learn from both, so it really broadens the whole process. Lots of times I have gone back in and edited a post because of some gem of wisdom dropped by a visitor!

  39. I’ve begun to implement both CommentLuv plugin as well as the KeywordLuv plugin on some of my blogs. I think if people leave relevant comment then they should be rewarded with a dofollow link.

  40. CommentLuv and also KeywordLuv are two plugins that have made it possible to get more content added to your posts. When people see that you offer this they will add some relevant comment knowing that they will get a backlink in return. This is a win-win situation for both the blogger and the reader.
    .-= Garage Floor Coatings´s last blog ..Garage Floor Coatings =-.

  41. Hnr1e says:

    I think this initiate of this plugin is great. If everyone really think for themselves and realise that this is a win win to include in every blog. But I don’t think it should be a motivator to random people to make useless posts just for the link love. Even though it’s hard to tell which one that is plain spam and not.
    .-= Hnr1e´s last blog ..Bead knitting stitches =-.

  42. Good Morning just figured i will let you know i also had a issue with this blog coming up frozen as well. Might be gremlins in the system.

  43. Rhys says:

    Thank you Kristin/Howard –

    Oops – I’ve been editing the Hide/Display adsense code for this page, and it seems to have upset the Darned Monkeys &%$@@!!


  44. cornea503 says:

    I have been looking for info on commentLuv for a while but up until this blogpost had not found much. Thanks for giving a full rundown on this plugin. It really does seem to improve the quality of comments. I found just what I was looking for inside the comments themselves. I’ll be installing this for sure on my blog. Just curious to know if spam comments go up any?
    .-= cornea503´s last blog ..Compare DJ Hero Prices – Where to Buy DJ Hero =-.

  45. Rhys says:

    Hi Cornea –

    Obviously the total number of comments increase, so in that sense there is more spam, but the hardest part is separating out the “Nice post, I found this informatioon really useful” type of comments that are just posted to gather a free link. I have had to be really tough on “drive-by” commentaters , especially on popular posts. (Be Warned; you will get a “SPAM”, not a “DELETE”)

    As you pointed out, the discussion can be as illuminating as the post, or even more so some cases, and thoughtful, serious comment adds a lot of real value to a post.

    It’s a nice trade-off, that people only come to get the “keyword rich anchor text” link and then find a useful blog and start coming back.

  46. Teen Blogger says:

    Great Post.

    I think Commentluv is also a very valuable plugin and think every blogger should use it. I also think that you should be able to get more comments if you use this plgin as it does give a bit of link juice.
    .-= Teen Blogger´s last blog ..My Blog’s 2 Month Old Journey So Far =-.

  47. thomas says:

    I have actually been using this technique for a couple of weeks now and it works fantastic. but i got a feeling that google will take notice. I will get with getting while it’s still good

  48. Usage of commentluv ensures that blog owners now cannot neglect their posts, title and meta tags anymore. Because whatever title is given for the post will appear as a long tailed keyword to itself. Thus it encourages on page seo also. Its a win win situation for evreyone.


  49. I’m fairly new to this commentluv plug in but it sounds great and I have instaled it and also installed the DoFollow too .. but one thing I wanted to ask is, does it matter whether the blogs you find and comment on are of a high rank or not? Does it make a difference to the quality of the backlinks?
    .-= Quit4gud @ quit smoking tips´s last blog ..Stop Smoking Aids To Help You Quit Smoking =-.

  50. pengerik says:

    Higher PR gives more Google juice for your website through visitors – and more relevant blogs you comment on with backlinks to you – the more important backlink it is for your site