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  • Google Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder WheelThere’s a new tool you can use to home in on Long Tailed Keywords (LTK’s) it is called the Google Wonder Wheel. To find it, do a normal search, then click the Web+Show Options link to expand the option menu. Go down to the Standard view Menu, and click Wonder Wheel.

  • Related Search Terms

The wonder wheel layout is like a kind of Mind Map of the “Related Search” terms for your primary search. Each spoke of the wheel gives a high ranked search term that is directly related.  We SEO types call these related terms Long Tailed Keywords (LTK’s).

  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Click each of these spokes, and run any likely looking terms thru the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (with the language and country set  correctly). Note any high scoring searches. My basic SEO keyword has 6,100 searches globally pcm, but the  LTK’s I found had a combined value of 80,000 searches.  So, in a matter of minutes I had found 8 very promising LTK’s, all closely related to the prime KW, and all very prone to bring lots of search traffic.

  • How to Find Long Tailed Keywords:

Using the Google Wonder Wheel is a fast and effective way to find LTK’s, if you combine it with the Adwords Keyword Tool. You really do kill several birds with one stone doing this. By combining these “related Search Terms” in your post you are making the work more authorative, you are providing coherent keyword use, and building traffic as well! This works even more effectively if you post separately using the LTK’s and cross link the posts.


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  1. Can anyone provide me with any feedback after having used the google wonder wheel? I have tried it and did not find it terribly useful.

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  3. Good tips. Analyzing related search terms is a great way to uncover profitable long tail keywords. Although your main target keyword may have high search volume, you should not ignore long tails. As with the example above, those long tail keywords can add up to a substantial amount of traffic.

  4. sounds good off to try it now

  5. erezione says:

    thanks prr The Article extraordinarily interesting. seo dynamics are more numerous and it is useful to discover

  6. Me also did not find it google wonder wheel as a useful item

  7. Vitamins says:

    yes long tail keyword is necessary if your blog is so new than you must add your link with you want word that you can look at google keywoords tool
    .-= Vitamins´s last blog ..Vitamins =-.

  8. Approximately 40% of people that arrive at my site come from these types of keywords, which to me is particularly interesting, however it is difficult to optimise your site for them….

  9. Zubair Khan says:

    hi guys i have just joined the site its pretty cool site i personally liked it and about the comment on this post i have not try it yet but keen to try it in the future and also hope to continue with this site as well thanks!

  10. yup, I’m with you, after a couple a hour searching for a like-this site. finally. thanks
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  11. Rhys says:


    That is the key to cashing in, to grab that 40% that arrive. You have a site/theme keyword, and every post you write is built around a long tail keyword derived from that, thus building the authority for the site – it is synergistic! That plus properly linked keywords (keyword coherence) gives your whole site a strong dynamic. I disagree, it is not difficult, it is dead easy to do the above!
    😎 – Rhys

  12. Its a nice list, with a few of the best tools for finding long tail keywords. Long tail keywords can really be extremely effective! In a lot of SEM strategies, they are really the effective and cheap way to go, both regarding normal SEO and paid clicks like AdWords.

  13. Mark says:

    I still find myself confuse with this google wonder wheel. Do you really make use of it? Cause other people keep on telling that they don’t see this as an useful tool that can really use for their long tailed keyword research.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..School Grants For Minorities =-.

  14. Rhys says:

    @Mark –

    The key to it is in this sentence: “Click each of these spokes, and run any likely looking terms thru the Google Adwords Keyword Tool”.
    I didn’t get all those good terms from the WW itself, but when I entered their “Suggested” terms into the Adword Tool. That is where the real gold is, because you can easily see the ranking of each suggestion and its LTKs.

    😎 – Rhys

  15. Google Wonder Wheel is very good way for keyword research, it gives you a lot related niches.

    and Related Search Terms i use for getting ideas for content in my niche.

  16. Well the other day my friend was on google images and he pressed something and he got this one cool wheel type thing and tall the pictures were spinning in a wheel. No it is not the wonder wheel. It was on IMAGES and all the pictures were in like a wheel.
    .-= Dave Domain Hosting´s last blog ..Make profit with web hosting =-.

  17. Wonderwheel will become very important source for SEO’s in the future. Because most of the time, searchers don’t get what they are looking for and click at suggestions given by Google. So, it is important that our site must be optimized for the related keywords. I use Google adward to find related keyword and optimize my site according to it.

  18. used tires says:

    I love the fact that Google is expanding the tools for us Webmasters to use, especially since the Data comes straight from Google! 😀

    Till then,


  19. Wonder wheel is a great tool. I have been using it for a while now and it has helped my quite a few times in my keyword research.

    I was first introduced to it by Howie in one of his free videos.
    .-= Make Quick Money´s last blog ..Treasure Coach Review and Bonus =-.

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  21. kyle says:

    Yup, great but for how long? just a opinion.
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  22. thanks.nice post
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  23. Rhys says:


    Yep, that is here Google Image Swirl It’s the same kind of thing as Wonder wheel, but with pics. Still in Beta Lab testing though……

    ❓ – Rhys

  24. PPI Claims says:

    I am a big fan of wonder wheel, there is room for improvement though which is hopefully come soon.
    .-= PPI Claims´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  25. This is useful to know. When you build up a site you want to get traffic primarily to your main keyword but before you rank high for that, you may discover that you get many visitors from LTKs instead! This wonder wheel sounds great in this matter, I’ll try it out.
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  26. Google wonder wheel is good tool for keyword research and it’s also good for find out niche keywords.

  27. I recently started to market on the internet but i didnt know how to get a good result in my google rankings, I later found out about google wonder wheel, the interesting thing was it taught me so much about where i was going wrong. Now google wonder wheel tool is at the top of my list!

  28. Luis says:

    Tks very much for this information. Or this tool is brand new, or I am really lost in time.

  29. TDAH says:

    Thats a great tip! I search google every single day and never noticed the “show more options” menu, it doen not only have the wonder whell but you could also look for webpages with your search terms and see only the new ones, withing 24hs for example, or news, or blogs, or even pictures of the actual website on the side of your search term. I believe it’s a good tool if used with adwords keyword tool like the author said. Thanks for the tip again

  30. Great point !It’s really useful.I like to read.I am sure that I will be following the tips given in this blog .Thanks a lot,for sharing such an awesome list.Keep blogging…

  31. SMS India says:

    Great post.I really like your writing style very much.The layout of your blog is really good and attractive.Some great information to be absorbed in this post. Thanks for sharing such a cool post with us.
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  32. evdeneve says:

    I use it to design my meta tags. But some searchers can be waved.

  33. he always talks about useful things.
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  34. Sometimes I used google adword keyword tool. Thanks for the post it’s really informational.

  35. This is great when you are shopping for keywords before posting your article. Once you get the related keywords, then you can integrate it in your article and there will be a high chance of ranking through those long tails. Great tip!

  36. I really like your writing style very much.The layout of your blog is really good and attractive.
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  37. web on line says:

    wonderwheel helps you in bringing down your competitors by giving the keywords that link to them besides the keyword that you typed. It is a major difference between adwords and wonderwheel.
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  38. Sue says:

    I like this bit of information. I use this but, I also mix and match the keywords. Like if I am looking for coffee makers, I add electric coffee makers, single cup coffee makers or electric single cup coffee makers. It really works great and I am able to write a lot of articles on the subject.

  39. Rhys says:

    Hi Sue –
    Those “Long-tailed” keywords that you are talking about are the icing on the cake and are a terrific source of ‘site synergy’!

    😉 – Rhys
    .-= Rhys´s last blog ..How to Write the Perfect Post =-.

  40. Jeff says:

    I have been so conflicted about what is the right way to go about my business. Every time I read your page I become more and more in the know. I really think that you are the reason why my sites are beginning to pick up. Thanks.

  41. Stacy says:

    This is really going to help me out. I have been making my search, too broad. I take it from reading your page that I can get closer to the name that I really need. Thanks.

  42. I’ve been using wonder wheel for few days , but I never know that I could use it together with adwords…thanks for the tip..
    celine@harley davidson handlebars´s last blog post ..Custom Harley handlebars- Wire them internally

  43. On my point of view there is no substitute of google adword for keyword analysis.

  44. When we are working: FOCUS is always important. Nice one you’ve got in here. Thanks.

  45. Really a superb entry, definitely useful stuff. Never ever considered I’d find the facts I need right here. Waiting for your next upcoming post.

  46. The wonderwheel was really helpful keyword research tool. It will give you the LTKs directly and with the combination of the Google adwords keyword tool that becomes awesome..

  47. Awesome. news. My mother has been searching for this information.

  48. Yeah great, I never knew about this google wonder wheel, but For me, I will chose a keywords that are having high searched every months to gain more traffic in my site
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  49. I use this tool every single day.
    There´s no alternative at its status.

  50. Very interesting. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading your post and I like your take on the issue.
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