How To Find Long Tailed Keywords

How To Find Long Tailed Keywords (LTK’s)

Long Tailed Keywords

The recipe for ‘how to find Long Tailed Keywords’ is not hard to make up. You take the Google adWords tool, blend in your own site stats, and then mix with a splash of common sense.

  • Choose your Niche Keyword

Find your Niche Keyword – either a term (word or phrase) that is relevant to what you do (for an established site), or one that nobody else is majoring on (for a new site). The base formula to select such a term is High Daily SearchesStrong Advertiser Competition + Low SERP Competition.

  • The Starting Point

Start by going to the to find Long Tailed Keywords and entering your niche keyword. Pick relevant supporting keywords (LTK’s) with lots of Searches and good Ad competition, and then use these LTK’s liberally in your pages.


There is a new tool out now you can use for this.  See a post on the Google Wonder Wheel here

And an even newer post here

  • Refine your Choices

As time goes on, keep track of what is happening in your own site statistics with search term popularity.  Terms that recur often are good, and deserve a page (post) of their own.  If a term shows up often, you can deduce that Google recognizes your site as authoritative for that term, and that users are actively searching for it, this combination gives you site synergy, so cash in!

  • Tips for the Wise

Lock your keyword strategy in to your linking strategy (Rocket your site to No 1 on Google) to achieve site synergy. I call this formula Keyword Coherence – just a fancy term for ‘Getting all Your Ducks in a Row’!.

Homogenize your portfolio, by setting up new niches that complement and add to your existing main site (back-linking then earns more ‘juice’ !).

Don’t monetize pages for terms that have high traffic, but no (or very low) Ad competition. It is not worth the risk of getting ‘smart priced’, just milk the traffic with links that point to something that does make income.

Do remember to use your LTKs in the ‘tags’ of your posts too!

Use all of the above to discover how to find Long Tailed Keywords!


How To Monetize Your Site

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  1. Olga Betrieb says:

    I’m still getting used to the idea of adwords and keywords but I think I’m beginning to understand how it works. I guess the more keywords you can squeeze in, the better!

  2. freestuff says:

    I like to look at some other keyword tools also. This way i might find some keywords that google does not list. Sometimes they change terms or words around and get better traffic.

    freestuff´s last blog post..Freeloans. Paydayloans. Cashadvances.

  3. First $100 says:

    This is a very good advise especially when you are trying to get the concise keywords that you’re looking for. thanks

  4. Thanks for your tutorial. Well written and educated me on this important SEO task.


    Tony @ sports betting picks´s last blog post..Best Bet NCAA Tournament Thursday Game Duke versus Villanova

  5. Hey!
    Nice warning,Before I have read some blogs about using the real name or putting the keywords for the commenter or bloger.During the writting comments, sometimes I could not find suitable keywards for myself.I think your post will give me the easy way to get a right keywords. Do you think using the long tailed keywards safer than the simple and short one. Thanks for sharing us.

  6. sem rush may seem to be promising tool in looking for relevant keywords but payments are needed, so I’d rather use google keyword tool to look for relevant keywords for my website, it seems to have the same results as sem rush, can you explain the difference of results between the two ?

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  8. bingo sites says:

    Remarkable tips for selecting the long tail keywords. All the points are quite simple but strategical also.

  9. Rhys says:


    I don’t know about safer, but the LTK’s reinforce the impact of your main keyword and build the authority of your site.


  10. Rhys says:


    SEM Rush advises on the basis of top paying/top listed keywords, Google advises on all keywords in its database


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  12. I like your idea of linking to page with good paying keywords. It is so hard to not get smart priced and that is best way to keep it from happening.

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  13. Great post. I like the part about not monetizing for high search terms with no competition. That is a sure way to earn very little money. If you do find a term like that i would add a product you sell instead of ads and maybe you would make more money that way.

    Best etf funds list´s last blog post..Gold etf.

  14. T1 internet says:

    Good post. Like the fact you tell people to look at stats and find new terms people find site with. This is angreat way to find new keywords for more traffic.

  15. used tires says:

    There are many keyword tools that people use other than Google, but Google is probably the best starting point. Yes, Keyword coherence, or as you put it getting all of the ducks in a row, by locking in the keyword strategy into the linking strategy is very important to keep in mind and a nice tip.

    Till then,


  16. Nice point about setting up more niches and back linking. Makes alot of sense and should help the main site alot.

  17. powertools says:

    Google is a good tool to find new terms. I like finding some new terms then checking with other keyword tools to see if they have any orther ways they are used also.

    powertools´s last blog post..Router bits.

  18. I think finding the right niche is the most important part. If you find a few good ones you can do very well and make some good money with some good seo and link building. Keywords and the niche are the first thing to do and one of the most important they can make or break your site.

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  19. freebees says:

    Great post. I never thought about google adwords to find keywords. I used it before but it was not showing how many searches for each term. I have to see if i can find some new ones with it and check to see what terms people find my site with right now thanks.

    freebees´s last blog post..datingservices

  20. I think that finding the proper keyword is your success to fruitful online business. I have spent about a month on investigating about niches and found about ten which give me the profit of $250 a month on AdSense.

  21. exon mobil says:

    Great post. Some good information and it makes alot of sense. If you find the right niche it makes it so much easier to make good money not a few dollars a month.

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  22. Get listed with long tail keyword little bit easier but finding right keyword is very confusing task for most of people but here you given new idea about niche keyword which would beneficial for my site too be grateful for your post.

  23. You can also use some of the other free keyword research tools. This way you might find more than just using adwords. You never know what other terms you can find so it is worth the extra time to use a few of them.

    houston web hosting´s last blog web hosting uk

  24. Yes agree long tail keyword more beneficial, now webmaster also recommends to use long tail keyword but not giving way how to find it which you given here finding long tail keyword. thx a lots

  25. Thanks i never thought about using adwords to find keywords. Makes sense i have to try it. I know it will work for site with adsense on it but never thought about other sites.

  26. freeloan says:

    Very good post. Finding the right keywords is one of the more important things you have to do. Like the idea of looking at search terms and adjusting site also.

  27. I think keyword selection is most important of optimization and Google keyword external tool is really good tool for long tail keyword search. Thanks for valuable post.

  28. coolsites says:

    Nice idea. I like your idea of mutiple niches related to main site and backlinking them. Makes sense and should work good to help main site.

  29. Agree with you post as all suggesting and your given tips long tail keywords seems useful to get ranking and traffic as well.

  30. That is a great idea. I never thought about making new pages for terms i see alot of traffic from should help site rnk better for those terms.

  31. Thanks for the article and link to Google Adwords Keyword Tool. I’m putting together an editorial policy and writing guide to help sharpen the coherency and consistency of my writing and also where to incorporate the keywords. The preplanning is definitely important.

  32. I like the idea of ding terms google send traffic to. Making new pages and niches then linking back makes sense and should help site great idea.

  33. Good concept of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are less competitive and targeted visitors. Thanks for information.

  34. I like the fact you use terms site is listed for to make new pages. Makes sense if you see traffic why not make page for it and some other combinations.

  35. I will probably have to go to that process of thinking about which keywords to get etc, I am going to start a new site so probably I’ll have to SEO it myself, lets see what happens! Keywords are very important.

  36. I actually made my own method recently for finding keywords that I think I can make good content for.

    It’s easier to manage, I think.

    These are some good basic tips. I’ll show my friends when I teach them how to get into internet marketing.
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  37. It is a more specific form of a generic keyword – like if your site keyword was Cactus then long tailed keywords for that would look like this: christmas cactus, cactus plants, cactus flower, san pedro cactus.
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  38. I never tried googles adwords search sounds interesting. I use some of the other keyword search sites and see differences in everyone. I have to try adwords search and see how they compare.
    .-= Celebrityphotos.´s last blog ..shanon elizabeth =-.

  39. Yeah, better to use Google tool because at the end of the day, we are trying to be on the top of Google search result.
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  40. TV Spoilers says:

    Are there any metrics you can use to determine the longevity of your LTK?
    The obvious example is the concern over Y2K which had a finite lifespan.
    I’m wondering if there are any clues that tell you a search for a keyword is in decline and to stop putting time into that niche and just pawn it off on your clueless cousin (or flip it?).
    .-= TV Spoilers´s last blog ..How I Met Your Mother Spoilers: Season 5 Episode 3: Robin 101: S05E03 =-.

  41. Kathy says:

    i am also finding for long tailed keywords using free wordtracker
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Acai Power Can Be Good For The Whole Body =-.

  42. yeah,google keywords tool really helps.But i have seen that google datacenter is showing wrong statistics. Why because recently i have bought google adwords coupoun for most traffic keyword. google datacenter showed some 5000 serches per month.But i have received only 1200.. Very bad 🙁

    I think most people believe Yahoo tool “overture”.. May be we have to try this one.
    .-= Link building´s last blog ..Link building services =-.

  43. Buddy, try overture.. One of the best yahoo tool. May be this is better than google’s keyword tool.
    .-= Link building´s last blog ..Link building services =-.

  44. Do you think using the long tailed keywards safer than the simple and short one. Thanks for sharing us.

  45. Rhys says:

    @water Dispenser

    Long tails supplement ordinary keywords, once you have posted about the main keyword, the next step is to build up the supplementary LTKs 😎

  46. Great tips on this post. I might add the and google wonder wheel search option in disovering LTK. It was really worth it to check the chosen keywords into those database before hitting the keyword.
    .-= Sikat Ang Pinoy´s last blog ..Allan Pineda A.K.A Apl De Ap Ng Pampanga =-.

  47. Great post. I like the part about not monetizing for high search terms with no competition.

  48. It is a more specific form of a generic keyword – like if your site keyword was Cactus then long tailed keywords for that would look like this: christmas cactus, cactus plants, cactus flower, san pedro cactus.

  49. Long tail keywords are keywords that go “deep” for a specific term. For instance if you were looking to sell baseball bats, you wouldn’t want to just use the keyword “baseball bats”. You would want keywords such as “Buy wooden baseball bats” or focus on popular brands of baseball bats. Basically you are trying to be as specific as you possibly can.

  50. Justyna says:

    Cool to read all that. I’ve been using Market Samurai, which introduces new functions all the time!!! The MS guys have done a great job in terms of keywords research, rank tracking, analyzing SEO competition:)
    .-= Justyna´s last blog ..Blogging business – wordpress com, wordpress org czy blogspot? =-.

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