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  • Free Keyword Tool

Free Keyword ToolEverybody has heard of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool – right? But have you used the ‘Website Content’ feature? Click on the Website Content choice inside the ‘How would you like to generate ideas’ dialogue box and an address panel will open to enter the URL of your website. Enter your URL in the space provided.

  • Keyword Generator

If you have a number of posts or pages that are related to your keyword then put a tick in the check box to include these extra pages. Now click the ‘Get Keyword Ideas’ command button. When the process ends, click/select the Global Monthly Search Volume heading. This will sort the results with the highest numbers at the top of the column.

  • Keyword Discovery

You will find that Google has sorted out the prime keywords within your site and has suggested groups of appropriate keywords that are relevant to those prime keywords. This keyword software is even more efficient than the Google Wonder Wheel Tool for keyword discovery. It will find in seconds a large range of highly important keywords. You can be assured that the words suggested are highly relevant.

  • How to use this Keyword Research Tool Result

Choose a group, select the highest ranked keywords in that group and write a  post using  those same top keywords.  This post will then build the power of the prime keyword because you will have used all the most powerful relevant long tailed keywords (LTKs).  For this post, I used the keyword group “Keyword”, together with the 5 highest ranked LTKs:

  • Table of Global Monthly Searches
Search Term Global Monthly Searches
keyword 3,350,000
keyword tool 301,000
keyword generator 22,200
keyword software 18,100
keyword discovery 12,100
keyword research tool 12,100

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77 Responses to You Win with This Proven Free Keyword Tool

  1. After the closing of overture keywrods tool we really need a cool keyword tool. thanks for sharing this.

  2. Be careful when using the Google keyword tool… when you type in your keywords the results shown are always broad match first. Change the dropdown to ‘exact’ match to get a better indication of search volume!

  3. Choose a group, select the highest ranked keywords in that group and write a post using those same top keywords. This post will then build the power of the prime keyword because you will have used all the most powerful relevant long tailed keywords….
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  4. Who says there is no such thing as free lunch? lol Adwords keyword tool disproves them all 😀

  5. Choose a group, select the highest ranked keywords in that group and write a post using those same top keywords.
    .-= wordpress seo´s last blog ..WordPress seo temaları =-.

  6. The best thing about keyword research is that, if you look hard enough, you can find gaps to exploit–highly searched, low targeted keywords.

  7. I want some free lunch 🙁

  8. Thanks you for sharing. I’m new to seo and your post is a great way start with.
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  9. But I heard from people’s experience that Google keyword tool is not that accurate. Some optimize keywords that the tool tells it’s a competitive keyword but after the keyword ranked well they only receive handful of traffic.

    What is your say about this?
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  10. It’s really crucial choosing the right keyword for your site, but even I’m not so familiar with the google keyword tool maybe it could be a great help for the seo.
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  11. Jill says:

    I have done that very thing. I also, mix and match keywords. This will help alot. You can also, add at the front of it tips, new and helpful. This has worked for me. Hope it will help you.

  12. Nice blog!!its very informative post which I like a lot.Thanks for the information .keep it up.Keep blogging.

  13. This makes perfect since. Do you have a program that helps you do this or is there a few tool? I am learning so much with sites like yours. Thanks.

  14. Mag says:

    You are so, right. It is so easy to go the other way. It is nice to see that someone is sharing the correct way do do this. There are so many on the web who will give you the run around.

  15. earrings says:

    I hope I can get more traffic on my next keyword. i have choose the wrong keyword 🙁

  16. wow! this kinda great tool..I am familiar with wonder wheel and i guess it is great..I don’t know about this one, but I guess I should give it a try..
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  17. Donna says:

    I am so glad that I found your site. I have a really hard time trying to find good phrases that will be good for me. I have learned about long key words and analytics. It is great to have this in my pocket of tools. Thanks for the great information.

  18. johnmarc says:

    Yes. Keywords are very important in internet marketing. Thanks for sharing your idea with us. This tools are very helpful for SEO’s. 🙂
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  19. You’ve got the position through superior to I at any time might, many thanks!

  20. Hi,verybody,I will come again.
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  21. Is that green bar in the keyword lists result refers to the “advertising competition” that you’ve mentioned in your other posts? I just want to confirm 🙂

  22. Rhys says:

    IT Outsourcing –


  23. Is it just a coincidence that “keyword discovery” and “keyword research tool” returned the same number of Global Monthly Searches? Or does that mean that they’re one and the same?
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  24. juries says:

    Keyword is always the vital step to any Search Engine Marketing. Well, I think that this keyword discovery tool is advantageous, but i was thinking what was the basis that keyword discovery and keyword research tool came up with the same result with number of researchers. Hope to read more to learn about this proven keyword tool.

  25. Glennda@Satellite TV says:

    Well, I’m not also familiar with Google keyword tool and I guess it’s free, right? People are using Market Samurai, so maybe I’m gonna give this a try.

  26. This is where it all starts. Finding the right keyword. It can make or break your company, so choose wisely. I’m glad I used it, definitely helped me to get what I need. Some people don’t want to use a keyword in a big market instead using a smaller market with a less popular keyword which I think is the wrong way to go. Because it is a big market for a reason, all the potential customers or clients are there and it wouldn’t be wise to not go there. Do you agree?

  27. I can’t wait to see what “keyword research tools” come as a result of people trying to SEO for a semantic search algorithmic. What would be a keyword then, an emotion, a unique thought? Best wishes from ATX.
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