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  • Free Keyword Tool

Free Keyword ToolEverybody has heard of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool – right? But have you used the ‘Website Content’ feature? Click on the Website Content choice inside the ‘How would you like to generate ideas’ dialogue box and an address panel will open to enter the URL of your website. Enter your URL in the space provided.

  • Keyword Generator

If you have a number of posts or pages that are related to your keyword then put a tick in the check box to include these extra pages. Now click the ‘Get Keyword Ideas’ command button. When the process ends, click/select the Global Monthly Search Volume heading. This will sort the results with the highest numbers at the top of the column.

  • Keyword Discovery

You will find that Google has sorted out the prime keywords within your site and has suggested groups of appropriate keywords that are relevant to those prime keywords. This keyword software is even more efficient than the Google Wonder Wheel Tool for keyword discovery. It will find in seconds a large range of highly important keywords. You can be assured that the words suggested are highly relevant.

  • How to use this Keyword Research Tool Result

Choose a group, select the highest ranked keywords in that group and write a  post using  those same top keywords.  This post will then build the power of the prime keyword because you will have used all the most powerful relevant long tailed keywords (LTKs).  For this post, I used the keyword group “Keyword”, together with the 5 highest ranked LTKs:

  • Table of Global Monthly Searches
Search Term Global Monthly Searches
keyword 3,350,000
keyword tool 301,000
keyword generator 22,200
keyword software 18,100
keyword discovery 12,100
keyword research tool 12,100

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77 Responses to You Win with This Proven Free Keyword Tool

  1. kyle says:

    its makes a large effect with SEO.
    .-= kyle´s last blog ..Naghahanap : Talentadong Pinoy =-.

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  3. Smith is right, in addition to that always use more then one source and in my experience free sources will never be as good as some paid sources. Many paid sources are just there to save you a lot of time, all of it could be done for free but it would take MUCH longer. I would go for a good paid software like market samurai, and cross reference with other tools like google keyword tool, google trends, etc…

  4. useful stuff keywords are the basis behind each and every successful website. so finding the right ones is crucial for success good post.

  5. I love all the free SEO tools that Google provides. They are really trying to get on the good side of webmasters and internet marketers. That is a sound strategy as those are the very people who can best spread news about Google and get more people on the Google bandwagon.

  6. Rhys says:

    @Jeremy –

    Google are in the business of selling ads, adspace, etc., so any way they can facilitate that, they will!

    This tool shows up some really high traffic keywords; this is good for our site traffic, which promotes/feeds on search traffic; which clicks more ads; which builds Googles AND our income – Name of the game, Right?

    🙄 – Rhys

  7. Rhys says:

    @ Barry

    You said: “keywords are the basis behind each and every successful website”.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. So important; yet so easy to get sidetracked into other ‘hot’ things, and lose sight of the real purpose.

    😀 – Rhys

  8. Rhys says:

    @Kirra apart

    Smith Who? What did he say?

    Can’t agree with your point. I don’t believe that you can fire up Market Samurai, crosscheck the results with GTrend, GAdword Tool, whatever, faster than I can come up with a whole slew of nicely grouped, tightly focussed keywords with this [FREE] tool!

    Another point: using this [FREE] tool gives results relevant for TODAY; which I doubt the other software can do (depending how long since the code was written).

    😉 – Rhys

  9. Rhys says:

    @Kyle –

    Right on! Get keywords and backlinks right, and there is very little other SEO to bother about!

    😆 – Rhys

  10. used tires says:

    Yeah what you just said Rhys makes sense as to why they are willing to offer so much, and practically everything for free, because yeah the more they do for us… the more eyes on Google, and the bottom line is more money =D

    Till then,


  11. Vitamins says:

    key word search of the means higher potential is not focused around search words 40000th increase is more attractive

  12. keyword research tool figures are generally rounded so much confidence should not
    .-= Calivita İnternational´s last blog ..über CaliVita =-.

  13. gochi says:

    Hi, I just came across your blog. I have my own website and I keep it updated and I post regularly as well. I just recently discovered the power of keywords and also just realized that I should start using them in the content that a write! This free keyword tool is a good place for me to start…

  14. Very nice – I like how you have incorporated the use of the Wonder Wheel for helping with keyword discovery. I don’t think many people use that feature or are even aware that it exists. Here I was hoping it was my own little secret, lol 🙂
    .-= Toronto Movers´s last blog ..Mississauga Movers =-.

  15. I heard so much about Google free keyword tool. However, I’m not yet reached the master level of using it. Sometimes, I still find it very confusing, but I must say that it’s very useful to all webmaster.
    .-= Harrison Stuart´s last blog ..Spying on Your Spouse’s PC- Right or Wrong? =-.

  16. Carol says:

    Ive been using Google Adwords Keyword Tool but I didn’t know that they have a ‘Website Content’ feature. This will be very helfpul.
    .-= Carol´s last blog ..Tambalang MELASON, pano nagsimula? =-.

  17. Badminton says:

    Using both Google Keyword Tools and Google Wonder Wheel Tool are great combination to explore the endless potential keywords. Target the relevant long tailed keywords as a start is a lot easier rather than try to target the common popular keywords.

    I normally start with the Google Wonder Wheel to explore the related keywords and competitors. Then use the Google Keyword Tools to see how many search for that particular keywords.

  18. Rhys says:


    You have got it exactly! It is a two tool process, but it does come up wih really good relevant LTKs

    😀 – Rhys

  19. WOW Mobile says:

    Very useful information…some of the best I have come across so far. Thank you. I will give it a go for my sites!
    .-= WOW Mobile´s last blog ..SIM Cards | Convert unlocked GSM Mobile Phone to WOW Mobile Service =-.

  20. Affiliate says:

    Just wonder where the keyword tool take the data from? E. g. how the tool knows the number of monthly searches of particular keyword?

  21. Rhys says:


    I guess they are quoting their own data. They have the lions share of the search traffic, so they can offer authoritive info from that.
    😎 – Rhys

  22. منتدى says:

    yet another tip from you.. great Thanks a lot!!

  23. Eduardo says:

    Actually this tool is very good, thank you!

  24. macky says:

    hi i would say google rules , i like the good adword tool that is get keyword idea that really works great for me for searching keywords etc

    .-= macky´s last blog ..Charge Cards =-.

  25. Well count me in as the “sheep” that wasn’t aware of this cool tool.

    I just checked it out. It’s going to help my PPC/SEO efforts by leaps and bounds. 🙂
    .-= Mid Mo Mortgage´s last blog ..Jan 29 – Market Growth Surging As GDP Reports Forthcoming =-.

  26. Google has a collection of useful tools which are all beneficial to webmasters. I really enjoy using their keyword tools to uncover niche markets.
    .-= Table Tennis cover´s last blog ..Outdoor Table Tennis Cover =-.

  27. Joseph Smith says:

    I’m a big fan of Google Keywords tool, but have a question maybe you can help with. I haven’t been able to really understand the difference between “Local” and “Global” traffic numbers. Does Global include not just the Google search engine but also other properties like Youtube?

  28. Pinoy Hugs says:

    I hope I can get more traffic on my next keyword. Thanks for sharing this stuff!
    .-= Pinoy Hugs´s last blog ..Halalan 2010 sa Facebook (Pilipino Ako! Boboto sa Tamang Kandidato) =-.

  29. Florence says:

    I find Google’s Keyword tool to be wayyyyy off in a lot of cases. The only way you can really know how many search a term gets is to get to the front page of that specific keyword.
    .-= Florence´s last blog ..Hello World! =-.

  30. Monique says:

    That your site is very good, but only has a defect that ée that you do not update it regularly.
    .-= Monique´s last blog ..Big Brother Brasil 10 – Elaine – 01 =-.

  31. Rhys says:

    @Monique –

    Owww, you give me much pain! I have posted on average, one post per month on this blog, That is regular!
    I update comments almost every day. I am nearly one hundred years old (well a lot more old than 21!), and I cannot do more than this, so you might please forgive me?? Please? With sugar on it!!

    😥 – Rhys

  32. Sensa Pen says:

    Hi Rhys,

    I actually quite impress with your prompt response on comments. In regards to the regular post. I think less frequent quality post is better rather than frequent post with low quality content…of course more frequent quality post is the best 😀

    Back to the original topic. Google keywords tool is one of the best free tool that really help us identify or explore the variation of keywords. Google Wonder Wheel also a nice and useful tool. I frequently surprise with the keywords that come up on Google Wonder Wheel & Google keywords tool.

    When I continue to dig for more keyword using both tools, I can end up with hundreds keywords that may totally different from the keyword that I research at the beginning.

    .-= Sensa Pen´s last blog ..Sensa Pen by Boyd Willat =-.

  33. Rhys says:

    @ Sensa –

    Thank you for that encouragement. I think less is more too in this context!

    😎 – Rhys

  34. Ovi says:

    Thanks for this excellent post. It will help all of us for making our blog more seo friendly.
    .-= Ovi´s last blog ..EUSE Scholarship Programme 2010/2011 =-.

  35. The Website Content feature can be used not only on your own site, but also on competitors sites to find ideas for relevant keywords!

    I do agree with one of the earlier commenters, who mentioned that the numbers of Google Keywords can sometimes be quite off from reality (both high and low).

  36. Kidgas says:

    I just doing what you suggest and plan on going back and looking at much of my content in this fashion. I will be curious to see what impact it has on my traffic to my blog and other pieces of content.

    I am certainly hoping that I can find a discernable effect.
    .-= Kidgas´s last blog ..Passive Online Income: A HubPages Earnings Surprise =-.

  37. Rhys says:


    That’s the way to go. It is not how much you do, but the way you do it that brings the results!

    😀 – Rhys

  38. RROD says:

    Even free keyword tools can supply estimated search volume for a keyword phrase, the estimated number of competitors for that keyphrase, the KEI, or Keyword Effectiveness Index, the estimated Cost per Click (CPC) for services like Google Adsense, and so on.

  39. Etnies says:

    Great post. I never come across such a lovely post which is very well written.Thanks for an insightful post.Thank you very much for the information. Keep it up. Keep blogging.

  40. I love the Google Keyword tool, but normally I use it as just the beginning of my keyword research process. Typically I take the results and sort them for relevance and then feed the most relevant terms into another, more detailed tool and then move forward from there. Google has provided some really great tools, but this one is probably the one I use most.


  41. This is the one which I looking for.It’s really a fabulous post.Thanks for the information sharing with us.I really like the tips you have given.Keep up the good works.Keep blogging

  42. nice posting about keywords, and Google Wonder wheel, thanks for sharing.
    .-= dofollow backlinks free´s last blog ..The Hindu : Sport / Cricket : Sachin should be given Bharat Ratna: Ganguly =-.

  43. Spam Check says:

    I used keyword tool by Google and It’s really good in terms of choosing your preferred niche. This process is very important to become successful in your chosen target keywords as well as you can easily determine if how often people search those keywords.

  44. used tires says:

    Yep, it’s extremely useful.



  45. Karndean says:

    Very informative and useful post.Really you have presented some interesting things here.I have got some innovative ideas from your article.

  46. Mormon Cult says:

    Surprisingly a lot of bloggers/webmasters don’t know about Google Keywords tool. I didn’t realize how valuable it was either till a few months ago. I’m still learning too but now use it on a regular basis and the traffic is coming in now!

  47. soccer boots says:

    Yes, many of Google users do not know the actual meaning of keywords. I think everyone should have knowledge about it and use it for better purposes.

  48. These tools are usually wayyyy off target but give you a good idea for comparisons.
    .-= Bad stomach ache´s last blog ..Exercises that Help You Burn Fat Fast =-.

  49. Ron says:

    The often overlooked keyword tool is this google wonder wheel and the google related searches tool as well.

    It works best with long tail keywords. I usually discover a brand new less competition niche using this tool.

    Also, we can easily track those emerging google hot trend or search term via google related searches.

    I personally believe that this Free tool is the best thing ever in internet marketing venture.
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign =-.

  50. Thanks for the keyword tips, I’m always looking for ways to help my site get more readily found.

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