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  • Hosting from Hell

Hosting from Hell
Whoops, I just changed servers and (you might have seen the site was down for 9 days; so keep well away from MidPhase, the “Hosting from Hell”) all the links have quit. Hopefully fixed soon………..

O-Kay – We’re finally fully operational again and totally cured of dealing with Mid-Phase.

  • Too Slow

Any time you go near one of their control panels you better be ready to wait – the servers are so slow that quite often the page times out before you get the next link to work. Like log in and click “Domains” then wait, wait, and wait again……. ( and their best trick, you go and look up some info to enter, and when you come back the page cookie has timed out, and you have to start all over again….)

  • No Help

So you have a problem and use the e-mail contact to the help desk, and they take forever to reply, I’m in the southern hemisphere and the response is not usually till the next day.  The “Live Chat” is worse, took 2 days just to get a connection, and then an hour and a half to not get my problem solved. I finally rang the “Toll Free” number (starting at; “You are caller number 37, and the delay will be about 45 minutes”), and got it all sorted 8 hours later after a total of 9 days delay  – 9 days of no website!

  • Incompetent Systems.

I asked for a number to transfer the domain to another ISP, and they sent a dud number, (3 days delay), then when the new number worked at the new ISP, they didn’t release it for a further 6 days – Unbelievable! And of course the Help Desk can’t (or won’t) actually DO anything about it because, “that is dealt with by another department!”

  • Pathetic Service
  1. You can’t get at the DNS record to change the info, you have to send an e-mail and ask.
  2. There are no AW Stats available, so you have to get third party stats to see what’s going on.
  3. Everything else you might want to have is an extra fee.
  • The Best way to Monetize Your Site of course is to keep well away from these cowboys who will cost you most of your sanity, and all of your AdSense and affiliate income while they horse about.

How To Monetize Your Site

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    The way to go is to use web hosts which offers free accounts without time limit. So you can check out how they perform, before you sign up for a paid plan. Another good idea is to register the domain name with a separate registrar. This allows you to switch hosts without any hassle.

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  2. Anthony Walker says:

    I got problem for web hosting before in just 7 days my site is not already visible in the internet and I paid in a exact amount they offer me. I’ll get disappointed, they considered as hosting from hell!
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