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  • Hosting from Hell

Hosting from Hell
Whoops, I just changed servers and (you might have seen the site was down for 9 days; so keep well away from MidPhase, the “Hosting from Hell”) all the links have quit. Hopefully fixed soon………..

O-Kay – We’re finally fully operational again and totally cured of dealing with Mid-Phase.

  • Too Slow

Any time you go near one of their control panels you better be ready to wait – the servers are so slow that quite often the page times out before you get the next link to work. Like log in and click “Domains” then wait, wait, and wait again……. ( and their best trick, you go and look up some info to enter, and when you come back the page cookie has timed out, and you have to start all over again….)

  • No Help

So you have a problem and use the e-mail contact to the help desk, and they take forever to reply, I’m in the southern hemisphere and the response is not usually till the next day.  The “Live Chat” is worse, took 2 days just to get a connection, and then an hour and a half to not get my problem solved. I finally rang the “Toll Free” number (starting at; “You are caller number 37, and the delay will be about 45 minutes”), and got it all sorted 8 hours later after a total of 9 days delay  – 9 days of no website!

  • Incompetent Systems.

I asked for a number to transfer the domain to another ISP, and they sent a dud number, (3 days delay), then when the new number worked at the new ISP, they didn’t release it for a further 6 days – Unbelievable! And of course the Help Desk can’t (or won’t) actually DO anything about it because, “that is dealt with by another department!”

  • Pathetic Service
  1. You can’t get at the DNS record to change the info, you have to send an e-mail and ask.
  2. There are no AW Stats available, so you have to get third party stats to see what’s going on.
  3. Everything else you might want to have is an extra fee.
  • The Best way to Monetize Your Site of course is to keep well away from these cowboys who will cost you most of your sanity, and all of your AdSense and affiliate income while they horse about.

How To Monetize Your Site

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52 Responses to Hosting from Hell –

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  2. Admin says:

    I got to admit I wondered about these guys ’cause when you look at their prices, you aren’t likely to be getting much value

  3. Andy Bailey says:

    it looks like you’re getting an error with your live comment preview (aWP_livepreview), it’s having trouble including a script and that’s tripping up commentluv.

    does the live comment preview work when commentluv is deactivated?

  4. Rhys says:

    I have turned it off to see, but no different, I am now trying different settings in the AjaxedWordPress panel.

  5. Rhys says:

    Tried every permutation I could think of then fell back on the tried old remedy – reinstall the flamin’ program, and viola – it works.

  6. Andy Bailey says:

    now that your ajax preview comment is turned off, your comment fields have changed their id names!
    they are now
    comment form: #commentform
    name: ID author
    url: ID url
    comment: ID comment

    change back to these and commentluv will have some luv to give

  7. Rhys says:

    Got to leave it now and catch some sleep….

  8. Andy says:

    This is a test comment

    Hi Andy – Finally worked out the conflict in the Preview settings. I have set the parameters to match the form – EG #awpsubmit_commentform_19, but still no CommentLuv arriving


  9. Andy Bailey says:

    looks like it got the last post and displayed the pulldown box below.

    you are using version 10 of the beta here, the latest version 13 will make things a little better

    Andy Bailey´s last blog post..CommentLuv beta release 12 now out. Please update

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  11. Andy Bailey says:

    just to let you know that commentluv has been updated to 2.1.5 and should resolve any issues reported.

    still time to install and get ready for the beta tester contest!

    Andy Bailey´s last blog post..invalid? INVALID? what do you mean??? oh, yeah I see now

  12. Ada Haney says:

    I want to change my hosting company and was considering MidPhase as an option but after your post they are out..

    Ada Haney´s last blog post..How To Get Rid Of Bad Acne – Once And For All

  13. Whenever I initially set up a website for clients I always insist they do not just go with the cheapest hosting company. Many times you get what you pay for and if you want to have your site to succeed you will pay attention to the company you choose.

    Tracy – Massage Chair´s last blog post..Getting A Masseuse Quality Massage At Home Daily

  14. Gerald Weber says:

    Sorry to hear about your hosting from hell experience, however I can relate. I went through 2 hosating companies that had absolutely horrible service. I’m not going to mention any names (Hostnine, startlogic) I won’t go into the specifics of the problem excpet that one of the companies almost erroneously deleted my accounts. I have been very happy with hostgator. Their support has been excellent. Anyhow glad your back up and running now. 😉

    Gerald Weber´s last blog post..It May Almost Be 2009, But Duplicate Content Still Isn’t a Good Thing

  15. There is something to be said for having premium hosting. I use rimuhosting for our main site. Definitely not the cheapest (not the most expensive either) but their service is TOP NOTCH. I had a database corruption and one of their techs fixed it for me that same day. I’ll never move the site from them.

    Charles@Las Vegas Homes´s last blog post..Looking at the Las Vegas Real Estate Market

  16. I can’t tell you how happy i was when i changed my Previous Host Technoportsolution to international renowned Bluehost. Life is hell if you are not with the best host

    Shanker Bakshi´s last blog post..Twitter Limits Following to 2000 People

  17. freestuff says:

    If you spend all your time trying to contact them you have no time for your site. Not sure what took longer trying to fix site or trying to move site to new host.

    freestuff´s last blog post..Freeloans

  18. This sound as the ultimate web hosting horror story. I have experienced similar circumstances with other web hosting companies. When I was searching for reviews for various web hosting providers I came across some of the worst experiences with Midphase. I am glad that I didn’t register with them. On the contrary, I am not happy neither with my current web host. I have to start looking again for a new web home…

  19. Sound slike you had the worst of everything with that hosting company. Can not believe how long they took to transfer domain name sounds like they tried making it hard so you would stick around.

    Best etf funds list´s last blog post..Gold etf.

  20. there are a lot of pathetic hosts my host seems to be very reliable so far.

  21. Rhys says:

    Hi Best etf
    When you say; “sounds like they tried making it hard so you would stick around”, I sadly have to agree……

    However it didn’t work, did it?


  22. Pedro says:

    I´ve just had a terrible hosting from hell experience too!!! 🙁

  23. Hi,
    It is too you deal with them.I never contact the MidPhase.It is really hell.

    Webinar service´s last blog post..Video Web Cam Chat – A New Era Of Communication For Businesses

  24. José Ary says:

    I collegue of mine have had a terrible experience with MidPhase too… but I heard that they have improved their services. Anyway, I wouldn´t like to be the one to try if this is true…

  25. powertools says:

    Sometimes hosting companies charge not enough to give good service or be reliable. I think everyone should realize that you do get what you pay for and anything under $4 a month will either be a problem or wind up costing you more money because you have to pay for more space and transfer.

    powertools´s last blog post..Router bits.

  26. I can not believe they where down 9 days. I bet they lost most of thier customers. I know it cost more to find new ones than to keep them. Thier is no reason a web host should be done that long. Any good one has mutiple internet lines and back up power.

  27. Mold removal says:

    If the control panel is that slow the hosting has to be bad. I can not believe a company would be down 9 days. They should have back up power and servers thier is no reason for them being down. I do not blame you for moving your websites no one would want to pay for service like that.

    Mold removal´s last blog post..Mold removal.

  28. It seems like the company tried to make it hard to move your site and only cared about the money you paid not the service they provided. I remeber not to use he company since they did not even try to fix the problems. I do not know any company that will be in business if the service is down 9 days in a row.

    digital photography´s last blog photoshop tutorials

  29. freebees says:

    Sounds like you had a real problem with that company. I cannot belive how they made it so tough to move domain and site to new one after not responding to you for that long and site being down. Your better off now because any company that does not respond to customers after that long never will.

    freebees´s last blog post..datingservices

  30. Realestate says:

    Thanks i was thinking about hosting a new site and will remember not to use that company. Sounds like they just wanted your money and di not want to fix any problems.

    Realestate´s last blog post..Ford motor company stock.

  31. They sound like something else. Can not believe they did not even try to keep you as customer. It is hard finding customers and it cost more to find new ones than to keep old ones happy.

    houston web hosting´s last blog web hosting uk

  32. I think i would have left that company also. Sounds like they only care about taking your money not hosting your site. Hope new one works out better.

  33. I have experienced similar circumstances with other web hosting companies. When I was searching for reviews for various web hosting providers I came across some of the worst experiences with Midphase.

  34. those hosting companies drives me crazy.. thay give as low profile as hell..

  35. freeloan says:

    The title of your post describes this company very well. They only care about taking your money and not about hosting your site. Glad you finaly moved after it took so long to get back into account. They sound like they never email or call back let alone fix any problems you had.

  36. I had a site hosted on a company just like this one sounds. I hated working on the site control panel would freeze or time out and i had to sign in all the time. I can see a problem every now and then but sounds like you had same one i did it was always slow or did not work. Best idea is to move site companies like that never get better they only get worse with more sites hosted.

  37. They do sound like the worst hosting company around. I can not believe how they would not even help when you transfered site to new host and never let domain name go for that long.

  38. Sounds like you had nothing but problems with the hosting company. I wonder why they would not release your domain name for so long. A few posts about a company that does this from some sites that get traffic can make them loose alot of business. You would figure they would have atleast rtied to help move site over for you.
    .-= Celebrityphotos.´s last blog ..shanon elizabeth =-.

  39. Is that Claudia Winkleman hosting Hell’s Kitchen?
    .-= kissing bears baskets´s last blog ..celebrations with bears baskets =-.

  40. Hey Rhys,

    Glad to see you back. I guessed that maybe that this is some server problem. I have also changed my hosting server and being a novice to this concept I faced a great deal of problem.

    But now the things are working smooth for me.
    .-= Make Quick Money´s last blog ..5 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader =-.

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  42. Well, seems that you really had a bad experience with your hosting company, actually “Hosting from Hell” as you said.
    I can’t believe the service was down for 9 days in a row. Sorry to hear about that.

  43. You really have to be careful when choosing hosts so you don’t get into this kind of trouble. Luckily enough, people share their experiences, like here, so at least you know what to avoid!
    .-= Bad stomach ache´s last blog ..Coffee stomach ache =-.

  44. I have bad experienced from my past web hosting company they got network congestions for 3 days. My business got clogged and got wasted. So be careful next time where to choose a good web hosting company. Be resourceful and make some research about that company before you make a deal with it.

  45. Kay says:

    When I changed, their settings were not the same as mine. I lost alot of money because my ad space lost their ads. I went back to my old server. They may cost more, but it works for me.

  46. Sewage Pumps says:

    I have read few of articles here and can say it was really interesting, thanks for sharing this.Keep up the good works.

  47. The best experiences I’ve had is with hostgator myself. I had SO many issues with lunar pages and bluehost it’s not even funny. They cram so many people on their servers it lags everything out and their support is a bit on the irritable side.

  48. I’ve been checking out this blog it’s been really helpful. I was not understanding what I was doing. But your blog helped me a lot. Thank you very much and all the best in future.

  49. Marble Games says:

    I had SO many issues with lunar pages and blue host it’s not even funny. I would have to agree with the above poster. They simply do not care about their customers.

  50. I’ve had bad experiences with hosts myself. Many hosts stuff too many people on their servers.

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