Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister

  • Grow Your Links Like A-Listers Do

Grow Your Links

  • Site synergy:

One way to grow your links like an A-Lister is to use your natural site synergy and refine your link quality so that the best links ‘rise to the top’.  What do I mean by that? I mean that we ought to deliberately seek out and propagate links with  sites that are keyword related to our own. We are more likely to get a good back-link when we post on a ‘related’ site than when we comment on totally unrelated blogs. The ‘strength’  such a link offers is well worth the effort of getting it.

  • Combine With Other Sites:

Justin Briggs has written this article recommending that you Gang Bang your Competition into Submission, making the point that in unity lies strength; that we can combine with other sites related to ours, and the resulting strength is greater than the input of the individual parts. Ask yourself  this; if A-Listers do it; then shouldn’t you fall in line too and then expect similiar benefits?

  • Get ‘Hot’ Leads:

It seems to me that by seeking out and comment linking on related sites we are also doing just what Justin suggests. I’m happy when I get traffic from such sites because that traffic is pre-disposed to agree with my site’s message – these surfers are already interested in my general theme when they arrive, so they are more likely to become a contributory part of the site than to just click away and disappear.

  • Plant Wisely:

To complete the analogy, we grow our links, not by sprinkling comments everywhere, but by planting them in fertile ground. I.E., ground that will produce quality backlinks.  The whole point of ‘growing’ is to get back more than you planted, thus creating synergy. So bookmark authorative related sites that will add to yours and try to support them with encouraging and constructive comment; then you too will  ‘grow your links like an A-Lister’ so that now you can have a top money-making blog.


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36 Responses to Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister

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  2. Markk says:

    I guess I’m new to your site, Rhys. I happened to stumble upon it once before and now I’m back to find you have developed your site and make it an interesting and well-organized blog. Read some of your articles here and I guess you have come a long way in a short time blogging. Pardon me, if I’m wrong.

    I can see you have met up with the “Three Musketeers” – Court, Franqui and Grizz – and a few other well-informed bloggers. They are good people to follow. Although I have been a regular visitor to most of them, I have slacken a bit in my blogging lately. If I find a blog that provides good reading, I’ll be inclined to visit again. Used to be very active in the MyBlogLog community.

    Keep up the good work here and wish you get a nice PR soon.

    Markk’s last blog post..Working Man Blues on the Internet

  3. Rhys says:

    Hi Markk!

    Nice to have you visiting again. I Agree. It is too easy to ‘slacken’ as you put it, and we can lose a bit of our impetus too easily if we don’t keep up with what is current.

    Rhys’s last blog post..Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister

  4. Hillel says:

    Great site, Its always good finding a good information website.

    Hillel’s last blog post..Aug 7, How to Start a Tutoring Business

  5. Rhys says:

    Hi Hillel!

    Glad you liked it – come again……….

    Rhys’s last blog post..Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister

  6. maya says:

    i must tell ya this post was really good i really ended up learning something . Also you have great site you should be proud of your self.


  7. Well, it took me a while to grasp the idea and it kinda reminds the digg army who always get to the front page by leveraging on each other strengths.

    I know realize more the importance of social relationship in this kind of business. Good one, Rhys.


    Blog for Beginners’s last blog post..Top 10 Blogging Tips of All Time

  8. Rhys says:

    Hi Yan!

    Yep, the process is very like the “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” thing! I do value the social relationships that are building from this.

    Rhys’s last blog post..Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister

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  10. Very nice post. I am new to your blog and think you have some very good information to offer your readers.

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  11. I think this depends totally on what you want to grow. In case you have a few niche sites or places you want google to know it’s probably pretty useful to plant a lot of seeds in furtile ground. In case you want to attract reoccuring readers or friends to help your ventures it’s probably better to pick one thing and stick to it.

  12. Rhys says:

    @Last minute Shopper
    Totally agree – that is a sure fire recipe for success to; “pick one thing and stick to it”.

    Rhys´s last blog post..How To Hide Adsense From Social Traffic

  13. Very good point you make here. You are much more likely to get a link back if from related blogs/sites and if they give you a link then their readers will already be interested in your subject matter before they even get to your blog/site.

    Gerald Weber SEM Group´s last blog post..It May Almost Be 2009, But Duplicate Content Still Isn’t a Good Thing

  14. Joe says:

    Great point and advice. I’ve been doing what you mention, and it does work well.

    Joe´s last blog post..Evaluating 100k and Up Business Opportunities in 2009

  15. Your article is very interesting, i bookmarked your blog for future referrence 🙂

  16. Good post Rhys – I’m working on it. Link in your own niche are peer and you should concentrate on those – This is what i learned from here.

    Shanker Bakshi´s last blog post..Twitter Limits Following to 2000 People

  17. Ways to earn says:

    thanks for the tip,i follow and comment in a lot of blogs in other niches ,my backlinks have been wasted then huh 🙂

  18. Well i must say very good post n gr8 advice… its just clearly and well said…
    Thnx 4 sharinf wid us 🙂

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  20. gre test says:

    the concept of “site synergy” is a good one… sometimes it’s difficult when you are working on sites with very specific niches to find related sites to “work” with.

  21. Getting links from sites related to your site is one of the better ways. You can also make another site that is realted to your site and link back to it. People have a website and then blog that are seperate but same topic and link and it helps.

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  22. You make a good point about comment on sites with similar topic. Not only do you get a link but anyone who follows the link is looking for the same things you have on your site.

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  23. José Ary says:

    Could anyone explain us about the nofollw and dofollow instruction? How can we realize if a mutual link really takes effect to improve our Pagerank?

  24. Your article very informative. Thanks.

    Hi Jose, I am not the owner of this blog but here is the explanation. Nofollow link is link that a webmaster do not what search engine to follow. So, in another word the link will not be count for pagerank. But there is few people suggested that it is also important to have nofollow links when building backlinks.
    .-= Ireland Money Online´s last blog ..Make money with paid online surveys =-.

  25. Rhys says:

    Hi Jose – See IMO’s answer below – plus highlight the link with your mouse, right click, and select view source to read the code and see if there is ‘no-follow’ coded into the link

  26. I have just had new filters , new fuel pump, new starter , new alternater and it has been ok for about ten trips {100 hours +} but all of a sudden every now and again she sounds different and loses revs and splurts out smoke then its ok again. what do you reckon ?
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  27. Koncerty says:

    Yes it’s true. Linking on sites related to ours is one of the best way to jump at TOP 1 🙂
    .-= Koncerty´s last blog ..40+30-70 Warszawa – 2009-11-29 =-.

  28. Hey Rhys,

    The survival in the online blogosphere is only possible if you have linked to the other people.

    Because unity in online world is the key factor that will give you recognition and also give you the consumer base that everyone looks out for.

  29. Kathy says:

    my tactics in growing link is to submit my blog into directories and article submission.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Acai Power Can Be Good For The Whole Body =-.

  30. oes tsetnoc says:

    Linking on sites related to ours is one of the best way to jump at TOP 1

    Thanks for post

  31. It is good to read such like this Article. Planting quality links from related sites helps alot to rank on the higher page on search engines.
    .-= Engrape Financier´s last blog ..Engrape Financier – An Entry =-.

  32. Mary says:

    I thought that a link was a link. It could not hurt for me to try this. I am not doing very well so far. Thanks for the tip.

  33. Barry Scott says:

    I understand the strategy but being that links are highly commoditized, the question is always why would an A List site want to link to me? I can link your site from mine all day long, great for you, you got a link. The question is will you link back to me? Sure, so called A List sites will link with each other. Question is how often do A listers link to D listers? After all, everybody is trying to get to the top but there is only so much room up there..
    Barry Scott´s last blog post ..Federal Cash for Clunker Appliances

  34. ALex@ecardlr says:

    I think internal linking can be a very great idea to increase link the value of each post

  35. Marble Games says:

    I also agree with the view that internal linking can be a very great idea to increase link the value of each post.

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    social impact. Use two, three or even more of these methods
    and you will achieve success in time. Make sure to
    have relevant pictures and videos in order to promote your
    product or service.
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