Here’s a Quick Way to Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google

Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google

Number 1 on Google

  • No 1 in Google

Right, so your site is currently ranking umpty hundred and two in the Google Results Page – so how are you going to rocket your site to No 1 in Google

Fix Your Internal links.
Here’s the secret recipe to build your keyword coherence and make the whole thing hang together.

  • Link to every one of your supporting pages from the index page

Be sure to use the long tailed keyword(ltk) as the anchor text. You did use the ltk as the theme for each supporting page , Right? Not sure what I’m on about here? – take a look at the most authoritative article on the internet on this subject here.

  • Anchor Text

Link back to the index page using the site keyword as the anchor text. Do this on every supporting page and repeat the link in the footer as well.

  • Building Keyword Strength

Doing this internal linking properly is a vital part of building keyword strength (keyword coherence), where the site keyword supports the ltk’s and the ltk’s each strengthen the site keyword’s influence on your site rank, so you can rocket YOUR site to No 1 in Google.


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  1. CAHSEE Prep says:

    OK, I think in the case that I am thinking about it wouldn’t qualify as normal. Thanks for the reply!

  2. I think if anyone will follow your blog even a little bit, they will see you do an excellent job of using internal links.
    .-= Pulling Credit Report´s last blog ..Pulling your credit report and credit disputes =-.

  3. I have never spent even £1 on internet advertising- yet get to the top in google or at least on page one of search results all the time. If you build the site yourself-you need to put a google site map on it.

  4. Ovi says:

    Getting top of google is not easy but If you get some useful keywords will give the ist place in google.
    .-= Ovi´s last blog ..EUSE Scholarship Programme 2010/2011 =-.

  5. Terrific! I overwhelmed it. I have not adequate words in gratitude. Thanks for sharing with me. I will keep stay.

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  7. KlubFM says:

    Well, I’ve not thought about it this way… Best regards!

  8. Great tips. I like it how you keep it short and simple. I am bookmarking this page and will follow your examples.
    .-= 2nd Chance Checking Accounts´s last blog ..Ten Ways to Open a Checking Account While Listed on Chexsystems =-.

  9. These are great tips. I have also, heard that you have to write article. I am trying everything. I hope it will help.

  10. This is really helpful information, but I have learned that linking is not just linking. You have to have the right links. I do not know how to do this yet, but I will learn and share with the rest of us who do not know.

  11. Internal and outgoing links have come to play a big role with the most recent Google algorithm change. But let’s not loose sight of the bigger picture, which is establishing a diverse link profile that consists of article links, directory links, etc. etc. These strategies should provide you a nice traffic boost, but a solid link profile should make them all the more effective.
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  12. Congratulations Yan! I’ve checked your site and i can say you deserve to be #1 on google 🙂 I hope you get #1 on Blogging tips also!

  13. You know Rhys, i’ve heard that only the first link counts in a page. I dunno, just saying! 🙂

  14. Rhys says:

    @John –

    Counts for what? I am always impressed by a double linking in the SERPs. It indicates authority.

    😎 – Rhys

  15. Outbound links are very important for the ranking and the reason all try to the best links to come.
    but also many image Linnks can fü the ranking to be good.

  16. RC Market says:

    I have frequently gotten SERP boosts by adding links to relevant pages as a reading list at the close of some articles. Sometimes these links hit other pages on my own site and sometimes they hit other sites with good info on the topic. This can easily be tested by anyone who does not believe.

  17. Nicely written post. I have just subscribed via Firefox’s reader for RSS Feed.

  18. Rhys says:

    @Christy Carualho

    Hey, thank you for being part of this Blog. I hope you get some good value while you are visiting!

    😆 – Rhys

  19. Internal linking really helps especially in establishing a keyword authority in your pages. A site that has a well defined theme and great internal linking always had an edge.

  20. Rhys says:

    @IT Outsourcing –

    Agreed, and on this site we call it “Keyword Coherence”; all part os the “site synergy”.

    😎 – Rhys

  21. CPAP says:

    This article is great since i really need tips on how to become # 1 in google because i am currently managing different sites to ge their ranking to the top 1 of google.

  22. koncerty says:

    Does it work all the time? Are these essentials?
    koncerty´s last blog post ..Erykah Badu Warszawa

  23. Rhys says:

    @Koncerty –
    You have to find out some things yourself. But if I didn’t believe it I wouldn’t have written it!
    😎 – Rhys

  24. You think it’s a good idea to connect the backlinks back to eachother? in other words, if I have a site that’s being used to host a backlink to another, wouldn’t it be detrimental if I had both sites linking to eachother?

    Just curious. Otherwise, great post! Thanks!

  25. Rhys says:


    Yep, link them if the subject matter is in any way related.

    😉 – Rhys

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