Here’s a Quick Way to Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google

Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google

Number 1 on Google

  • No 1 in Google

Right, so your site is currently ranking umpty hundred and two in the Google Results Page – so how are you going to rocket your site to No 1 in Google

Fix Your Internal links.
Here’s the secret recipe to build your keyword coherence and make the whole thing hang together.

  • Link to every one of your supporting pages from the index page

Be sure to use the long tailed keyword(ltk) as the anchor text. You did use the ltk as the theme for each supporting page , Right? Not sure what I’m on about here? – take a look at the most authoritative article on the internet on this subject here.

  • Anchor Text

Link back to the index page using the site keyword as the anchor text. Do this on every supporting page and repeat the link in the footer as well.

  • Building Keyword Strength

Doing this internal linking properly is a vital part of building keyword strength (keyword coherence), where the site keyword supports the ltk’s and the ltk’s each strengthen the site keyword’s influence on your site rank, so you can rocket YOUR site to No 1 in Google.


How To Monetize Your Site

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75 Responses to Here’s a Quick Way to Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google

  1. Great tips, Rhys. I’ve practically followed all of those strategies you mentioned and I’m glad that my keyword “Beginner Blogging Tips” is now #1 on Google.

    I’m working hard to be on the page one for the next more competitive keyword “Blogging Tips”.


    Blog for Beginners’s last blog post..5 Possible Ways to Speed Up Your Blog

  2. Rhys says:

    Hey Yan, That’s great!

    You do deserve a celebration for that, so here is another link:

    Beginners Blogging Tips

    Keep on coding……

  3. maya says:

    Great article! really like the way u write! plus got lots of good idea’s

  4. Rhys says:

    You are Welcome Maya!

    Thanks for the nice remarks and feel free to return.

    By The Way: you left blogspot out of your url, ( so you won’t get any link juice if you do that too often 🙂 I have now edited it.

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  6. Not only is the keywords you use in internal links very importan. Also the anchor text in incoming and outgoing links are aslo very important. Search engine pay much attention to the keywords you use is all of these links. However your point about the keywords in the anchor text in internal links is absolutely right on!

    Gerald Weber SEM Group´s last blog post..It May Almost Be 2009, But Duplicate Content Still Isn’t a Good Thing

  7. Jhangora says:

    Nice article. Thanx a lot. I would also suggest the white paper on Google Page Rank by Ian Rogers. I found it useful in understanding how Google Page Rank works. Nice blog. Keep up the good work.

    Jhangora´s last blog post..Τα ελληνικά δεν είναι ελληνικά για με

  8. Brad Callen says:

    Great tip how to Rocket our Site to No 1 in Google. Thanks for this idea. I really like the way u write.

  9. freestuff says:

    Interesting idea. I seen another post about linking top post on all pages and linking to other pages in way that increase main page and top post. I will try your idea on one site and other on another site.

    freestuff´s last blog post..Freeloans

  10. Interesting post, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

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  12. T1 internet says:

    I think one of the main thing is to use keywords in text. Link back to main page is another idea people must do.

  13. Rhys, I know that this method gets you double links in the SERPs, but how does one get multiple links like “colorado lasik surgery”? I’ve always multi linked within my blog posts but I can’t get how to do it consistently. BTW, I’m linking to my new blog so it’s still a work in progress.


    Anti-aging Diets´s last blog post..A List of Anti Aging Minerals and Nutrients

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  15. Rhys says:


    See this post to find out how to get double listing [indented listings]How to Get listed twice in the top 10 SERPs.

    I guess you really wanted to know about those listings that have a list of the site internal links underneath – That’s a Google secret, but I guess you need to be right near the top, have lots of site authority and information, and be getting major traffic (3000+/Month)


  16. thanks for the tips, it is really I hardly requires it to increase ranking serp my keyword

  17. Ary says:

    I´ve found “Link to every one of your supporting pages from the index page” a really great tip that I haven´t heard before… thnak you very much!!!

  18. Proper Seo and internal links help the most. Links with keywords in them help if you can find them and some directories listing site also help.

    Phone service´s last blog post..Broadband phone voip service.

  19. Some very good points. Most people do not link corectly and maximize thier anchor and text links. It realy does help site alot and can be difference between being on first page or 4 pages back in search engines.

    Best etf funds list´s last blog post..Gold etf.

  20. its all about backlinks. thats the only sure way to stay up at #1

  21. José Ary says:

    Could anybody explain me a little bit more about the correct use of the anchor text? I have read the article several times, but having some examples would be very useful for dummies like me…
    Thank you and congatulations for this blog!!!

  22. Rhys says:

    @ Jose

    A link goes in a Comment/post like this.

    <a href=””>This is Anchor Text<a>

    Ideally the “This is Anchor Text” is your prime keyword.

    E.G. The proper anchor text for this post would be”
    Here’s a Quick Way to Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google”

  23. powertools says:

    Most people forget to link to each page in index. Site maps work good also. I like putting blocks of links that look like last post or related post so spiders find every page.

    powertools´s last blog post..Router bits.

  24. Anchor text and internal linking can make a big difference. Most people use same term but they should use different ones when they can.

  25. You have some of the best tips I have ever heard of on this blog. Internal linking is important. I suggest people start using those tactics more often.

    Love Poems & Love Quotes´s last blog post..Either Make Money Or Make A Million Dollars For Her

  26. Its always difficult getting your website to rank up amongst the best in the fierce Google Jungle. You want to be amongst the tigers. Its difficult.. but certainly possible. You are right that it is vital to build keyword strength. In my opinion this is amongst the most important things you can do!


  27. using good linking is one of the best ways to get site listed well in google. Most people do not use the keyword term in text links and they should use a couple different ones to try to get page listed for more than one. i like using different ones for same page and rotate them when i get a new link.

    digital photography´s last blog post..Free photo and photography sites

  28. freebees says:

    One other way is to get links from other sites. I like mutiple text links or different terms. This way i can get each page listed for more than one if i work hard on getting links.

    freebees´s last blog post..datingservices

  29. I also use keywords in naming images eg. keyword.gif.

    Every little helps. I like the tips on this site – Thanks.

  30. Thanks for the info!! I will try this with my new blog, but i think it requires a lot of time if you want to be and then to stay in first position, don´t you think so?

  31. From my experience, the Internal SEO work on your website is easy in the beginning, the hardest part is getting the incoming links, but… after you get all of the links you need for your website, the hardest part then comes the internal seo, and making sure everything is spot on, so you’re chances at capturing the #1 position is best, and that you remain #1 for your desired keywords.


  32. Wallmart says:

    Not sure why you need link in footer if it is already on that page. Everything else makes alot of sense. Correct linking of innner pages does make a difference in seo of any site.

    Wallmart´s last blog post..Ford motor company stock.

  33. You can also link more often to a post or page that you want to havemore rank on. If you use links correctly it can help your site rank very well for certain pages or posts.

    houston web hosting´s last blog web hosting uk

  34. I think using long tail keywords and correct linking of pages makes most sites rank better. You should also use different phrases for keywords so you can get listed for a few of them and links look more natural.

  35. freeloan says:

    You can link to certain pages that you want ranked higher also. Just make sure to not use to many links and change terms when you list a few pages.

  36. coolsites says:

    I see so many people who do not know this. It is one of the best and very basic ideas of seo and they never link thier site correctly. Good info like your blog so far.

  37. Nice idea. I did not put link in footer before i figured it was on side bar but i will have to try it now thanks.

  38. Nice tip i also heard that pagess should be no more than 3 or 4 clicks or links away and less than 100 links on any page.

  39. I have seen some people do three way links internaly. They link to one page and main page. Then page that they linked to also has link to main page and one of the top pages they want ranked. They do this on mutiple pages so a few get higher ranks.

  40. Good way to site ranking top in Google. It’s very informative post. Thanks.

  41. Online Money says:

    These just another important way to get into the number one of search engine. There are several more factor that need to be consider but all tips above are mandatory.
    .-= Online Money´s last blog ..Get indexed within 48 hours or less on Google =-.

  42. Koncerty says:

    So I see that I do a lot of mistake. I must fix my internal links.
    .-= Koncerty´s last blog ..40+30-70 Warszawa – 2009-11-29 =-.

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  44. Great article!!!
    As every body knows it is NOT EASY to get your website to rocket to No 1 in Google but certainly POSSIBLE. There is several ways to help you to get there and, you are definitely right that it is vital to build keyword strength. You mentioned some very good points.

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  46. Kathy says:

    yes i agree, each blog post should act a supporting blogpost to support your main blog to rank high on google
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Acai Power Can Be Good For The Whole Body =-.

  47. I really need that article for the security of my website. I am worried about the security of my website but that article solves my all problem. So thanks for posting me.

  48. I’ve always multi linked within my blog posts but I can’t get how to do it consistently. BTW, I’m linking to my new blog so it’s still a work in progress.
    .-= water dispenser´s last blog ..Combined Air Handling Unit =-.

  49. CAHSEE Prep says:

    I have a question regarding the sub-page links from the homepage. Let’s say I have a 3 word keyword phrase that I am targeting for each of the sub-pages, however, the first word in each of those phrases is the same. Will it make a big difference if I just link to the sub-pages using the second two words in the keyword phrases so that it doesn’t appear that I am stuffing or overusing the first keyword?

  50. Rhys says:


    I take the view that you will not attract a “stuffing” penalty for normal use of a KW. This includes using it in ‘category’, ‘title’, ‘headings’ ‘paragraph anchor’, and ‘alt’ text. I use the term in ALL phrases where I can to gain more KW authority.

    😀 – Rhys

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