Monetize Your Site

Monetize Your Site

Everybody is always looking for ways to “Monetize Your Site” and one of the most popular methods today is focusing on ‘niche‘ markets with web sites set up to specifically  target a carefully selected keyword (How to find Long Tailed Keywords).

  • Server Hogs
Monetize Your Site

Monetize Your Site

Building niche sites is a great marketing ploy and can work very well, but the downside for me is that because I prefer to use blogs to set up these niche sites, I am creating greedy space munching server hogs. Each blog requires a MySql database and uses lots of disc space for the WordPress blog files. Every blog is slow loading because of the nature of the beast, and the large number of files needed to display the first page. Do not despair, there is an alternative to these SERVER HOGS

  • Brilliant Solution – ‘My Starter Blog’.

Steve McGrath over at McGrath Info Solutions has invented a ‘flat-file’ blog that requires no database, and is very fast to load with very small files.  This resolves my reservations about band-width and server hogs very nicely. The program files on the server disc are 116kb and the Theme files 132kb – a total of 248kb – compared with the multi-mebabytes (4 MB + Plugins + Content) of WordPress files required for every installation.

  • Alternative to WordPress, Joomla, Whatever

Have a read of the authors site here to find out more about this great alternative to WordPress, or read the My Starter Blog post on my other blog or Google for My Starter Blog Review to discover more opinion about this clever little program.

  • Great Method

Start setting up some of these mini-blogs and cashing in on niche markets, and you will be well on the way to Monetize Your Site!


How To Monetize Your Site

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  1. Wow! its good to know that I can save a whole lot of bandwidth with this new innovation. I have always had issues with bandwidth on my site.

  2. The part that I have learned is to do your keyword research before you actually pick your niche site names. I created 5 sites targeted at different cities in Canada and after I did a bit of research I found my competitors were gaining most of their traffic not through the regional or city wide level but on a nation wide level. I totally missed the boat 🙁 But I am working to get better key words in my content and some article submission.
    Lucy @ hcg toronto´s last blog post ..Comment on Order – November 18, 2011 @ 06:06 PM by JigoShop

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