Monetize Your Site

Monetize Your Site

Everybody is always looking for ways to “Monetize Your Site” and one of the most popular methods today is focusing on ‘niche‘ markets with web sites set up to specifically  target a carefully selected keyword (How to find Long Tailed Keywords).

  • Server Hogs
Monetize Your Site

Monetize Your Site

Building niche sites is a great marketing ploy and can work very well, but the downside for me is that because I prefer to use blogs to set up these niche sites, I am creating greedy space munching server hogs. Each blog requires a MySql database and uses lots of disc space for the WordPress blog files. Every blog is slow loading because of the nature of the beast, and the large number of files needed to display the first page. Do not despair, there is an alternative to these SERVER HOGS

  • Brilliant Solution – ‘My Starter Blog’.

Steve McGrath over at McGrath Info Solutions has invented a ‘flat-file’ blog that requires no database, and is very fast to load with very small files.  This resolves my reservations about band-width and server hogs very nicely. The program files on the server disc are 116kb and the Theme files 132kb – a total of 248kb – compared with the multi-mebabytes (4 MB + Plugins + Content) of WordPress files required for every installation.

  • Alternative to WordPress, Joomla, Whatever

Have a read of the authors site here to find out more about this great alternative to WordPress, or read the My Starter Blog post on my other blog or Google for My Starter Blog Review to discover more opinion about this clever little program.

  • Great Method

Start setting up some of these mini-blogs and cashing in on niche markets, and you will be well on the way to Monetize Your Site!


How To Monetize Your Site

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  1. As per the concept that has been mentioned in the post I can say that this is a great way to make the things better for my website. I loved the post and will surely keep up with the points that been advised in the post.
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  2. Cheap Loans says:

    The MMO online niche is so funny all the people talking about how to and 99% of them dont make anything lol

    The best way is to make real sites going after real keywords and lean SEO like the rest of the people who actually make the cash.

    Also go to the Industry Shows, nothing I hate more than a blog on MMO filed to the brim with ads buy links, buy post etc etc – 10 – $10 month income streams.

    Build real site, business online same rules as offline.


  3. Yes, I also have to agree with that Cathy; a good way to monetize website is to focus in Find the Best Niche.

  4. oes tsetnoc says:

    Nice sites are a good way to earn money, especially when you decide to go for affiliate products instead of adsense.

    Thanks for good article

  5. Ranking says:

    Unique content is the key to success. A nice site must have useful information for its users, and it will bring more traffic together with opportuinities to monetize your site.
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  6. A bandwidth-light blog theme is a good idea if you find that your blog(s) are unnecessarily eating up a lot of server resources. Personally I think you would need to have a lot of blogs/websites setup to really need something like this. Most servers should have no problem supporting a blog or two.

  7. Just because you have a lot of visitors on your web site doesn’t necessarily mean that your web site is going to make you a lot of money. And you don’t have to have a lot of visitors in order to make a lot of money from your web site….

  8. I recently read somewhere that before you try to sell an old blog you might try promoting it and see if you can still make some profit.

  9. The thing about making money that most webmasters seem to overlook is that there is no quick buck, no easy money. To make money online you have to pick the right niche, at the right time, make the correct decisions and fight hard for it.

    It’s no good just having a website, you need traffic and it has to be targeted. And even when you do get traffic, you need to convert it.

    One thing’s for sure, if you want to make money on the internet, it’s a long and hard slog!

  10. Vitamins says:

    we dont need to find long tail words. plugins do it for us.
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  11. Rhys says:

    @Vittamins –
    Please expand on that….

  12. i think that unique content is important, however it is just one component of SEO… Things like total number of pages and backlinks are equally as essential…

  13. It makes money if you are able to monetize the traffic… People rely too much on Adsense and other ad networks… the returns for selling your own space is so much higher then via networks…

  14. Rhys says:


    the returns for selling your own space is so much higher then via networks…

    Please give a f’rinstance, or explain more on this
    ❓ – Rhys

  15. nowGoogle says:

    i just still confused from where i just start
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  16. It is good to see posts that give truly quality information.Each & every tips of your post are awesome.Thanks a bunch for sharing such a great and informative post with us.Keep blogging.

  17. I am so glad I fell upon this post. I too use wordpress and Joomla and I know what you mean about these CMS’ taking up so much space. Instead of being able to stock up on posts which make the blog more useful for monetization purposes, the space goes to a lot of backend functions.

    I’m checking out My Starter Blog and I initially like what I see. The mere fact that the platform is SEO ready for posting is all admirable!

    More Power
    .-= Johm@Funny Pinoy Jokes´s last blog ..LET’S LEARN FRENCH OUII OUI??? =-.

  18. Catatan Blogger says:

    i have sama opinion about Start setting up some of these mini-blogs and cashing in on niche markets, and you will be well on the way to Monetize Your Site
    .-= Catatan Blogger´s last blog ..

  19. As what other said setting up a blog is easy as 1 2 3 but the problem is how to attract visitors to earn some revenue from the ads etc..

    So search engine optimization plays important rule in monetizing the your blog.


  20. So do i, i also used WP for my blogs. So much plugins that can help my site promote and in WP it is easier to optimize than other flatform.

  21. Kim says:

    I started out slow and now I think I am the hang of what you said you did. I am making a little headway. I think that I need to learn a little more about how to bring more traffic to my site. I tried just adsense, but it does not pay the bills.

  22. Rhys says:

    Hi Kim!

    You hit the nail on the head there with your take on Adsense. Adsense only works if you treat it as a side effect of traffic. Get a hundred Adsense ‘impressions’, and you might earn $2.50, (if the keyword is not too competitive). So to “Pay The Bills”, you really need to generate traffic that rolls through your your site as ‘thousands’, not ‘hundreds.

    😎 – Rhys

  23. that hog clipart reminds me of pumba
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  24. Making money on the internet is the only thing I think about. There are so many different ways. I have decided to take one part and do it all the way. I hope this works for me. Your blog has been a big help to me. I never know what else I am going to learn when I visit.

  25. some people can’t see the advantage of making a website and earning an honest living off it. it’s a shame to see people with good talent that can’t think of a way to make money off it. MAKE A WEBSITE!!!!

  26. and before you make a website, try to plan it out 1st, just don’t jump into it thinking it’s gonna work, because there is more to it…
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  27. celine says:

    I really agree that you could do more on blogs…I bet this is a great way to monetize your site…

  28. I was very pleased to find this site.I want to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  29. I agree, niche sites are the way to go. Besides, it’s difficult to get visitors if you focus on too many generalized things at once.

  30. A simply way to monetize your blog or sales site without making our web site advertising look too cluttered or obvious, is to use an effective exit strategy.
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  31. Rhys says:

    Hi UltrasoundTS –

    I presume you are referring to Grizzly Brears’ “Grizz Gambit“, whereby the only way off the page is to hit an Ad, because there are no other visible exit links?

    Works well for him, but it has always seemed a bit cold-blooded to me to lure in surfers and then deliberately force them [bore them?] to leave by hitting your adsense Ads.

    I prefer to make a friend and hope for returning traffic.

    It comes down to whether you want to make friends or money??

    😆 – Rhys

  32. This is the simply way to monetize our blog or sales site without making our web site advertising look too cluttered or obvious, is to use an effective exit strategy.

  33. nwebsolution says:

    Very good information would love to be part of this

  34. Thanks for the info. If you have a decent enough website gettign some good traffic, you’d be mad not to monetize. Theres a lot of opportunity out there that is waiting to taken!

  35. Fredrick says:

    I agree making money is glamorized and make to look easy by all these programs, but it takes commitment and definitely hard work. Competition is tough
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  36. Many people these days are looking for ways to make money on the Internet. But I have not been found a efficient way to make money online. I think your post will help me to get the goal. I have gone through it’s it’s details and got a lot of useful tips. Thanks for sharing us.

  37. I believe that ads on a webpage that is primarily a blog style will cramp the style and over all intent of the owner. If you want people to pay attention to what you are saying, ads are not something you want on your page to distract them. Now this will vary with certain blog styles like couponers, etc.

    Organic traffic will propel you to the top of search results, but keyword optimization is a very close second. (This is all in my opinion of course) The key to getting organic traffic is to place well in search results. The key to placing well is keyword optimization. It takes a lot of practice and research to really hone in on this skill. But since it has been mentioned in here about wordpress, (and I see this site is on wordpress) I will give this head’s up– Using the scribe plug in and program will do wonders for your optimization. (I get absolutely NO compensation for mentioning them, this is a pure, true opinion and review) It does cost a monthly fee, but outsourcing things that are able to be outsourced is a key to success.

    It’s only around $17 for the smaller package, and if you aren’t posting all that often, it is totally affordable. The prices go up by about $10-15 each level. But I can honestly say that this has been a HUGE help in my writing.

    I knew I wrote well, I just needed help so that others could see my writing. A well-written piece does not equal search engine success. If you like to spend a lot of time in research and have the time, go for it. But for those of you like me who want to optimize time, get scribe.

    Another way to place well in search engines is to have new content on your site regularly. This is why blog style sites are so popular and successful.

    The above comments related to the niche market are absolutely correct. If you are too broad, you will go un-noticed for the most part. But focusing on a particular, specific niche in a broad, general category, will do wonders.

    I hope I added something to the conversation 😉
    Brandy Orrange´s last blog post ..Direct Response Marketing- The New Old Way

  38. Would be interested to have a testimony of somebody who managed to really earn money with his blog. Which difficulties he encountered, how he managed to make his site visible for search engines.

  39. I liked the part of this article about alternatives to WordPress sites, keep up the good writing!

  40. Rhys says:

    @Frances –

    Check out Grizzly Brears who is generally recognized as the leading exponent of this.

    😀 – Rhys

  41. Glad to read this post. Very informative and interesting one. Looking forward to read more. Thanks…

  42. Thank you for the information about how to Monetize the site. This what I was looking for. Keep up the good works.

  43. kangyusuf says:

    thanks for your great post. monetize its my current goal. Now I’m going to build the niche sites.
    kangyusuf´s last blog post ..Fruit Ninja Games for Android Phone

  44. Flat file scripts are pretty nice, but I think they are a little less secure.

  45. Beats master says:

    Thanks for the info.
    I believe that ads on a webpage that is primarily a blog style will cramp the style and over all intent of the owner.
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  46. tvhit says:

    I can’t belive that with blogs are possible to get money without good content
    tvhit´s last blog post ..Castle Staffel 2

  47. Rhys says:

    @Beats Master –

    You have to decide the priority, yes?

    😉 – Rhys

  48. john says:

    wow this is great thanks for the share ill update my blog right away

  49. Useful information shared..I am very happy to read this article..Thanks for giving us nice info. Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.

  50. Using WP is a very great thing for IMers since its pretty much easy to manage. I have also had issues with my bandwidth being exhausted which is a result of my site content i guess.
    I’d love to try out this new one and give feed backs.

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