Now You Can Have a Top Money Making Blog

Now You Can Have a Top Money Making Blog

Top Money Making BlogWe are compiling this list of Blog advisers who are both successful and tech savvy. There are masses of web-sites out there that claim to be able to tell you how to become a net marketing millionaire, and most of them start by wanting to sell you their E-book or their ‘sure-fire’ course to do it. There are others out in the blogosphere that are happy just to share their accumulated wisdom and hard won experience.

I am confident to recommend the following bloggers who are willing to freely share and advise, and be assured that they support each other as recognized experts in one or more areas. My vote is based on my own study of their writing and methods.

  • Experts

Courtney Tuttle dot com (Courts Internet Marketing School) is a hugely popular web-site with masses of pure gold info. His classic Introduction to Keyword Sniping is almost an industry standard. Try out his SEO optimized WordPress Themes if you can tear yourself away from reading his posts!

How to Make Money Online for Beginners. Grizzly Brears is famous for taking a dead common blog and building a profitable flagship business on it. He frankly shares how he did it, and lots of other insights as well. A very patient and helpful man who takes pains to answer sensible post questions. He lives on a remote frozen island near the North Pole and obviously uses smoke signals to communicate.

Make Money Online with Vic Franqui – Blogger Unleashed. This site is mentioned because Vic has a lot of followers. I find his manner totally off-putting (constant abusive and foul language), but if you can stomach that, he has a lot of insight into SEO.

SEO is a leading SEO blog by Aaron Wall. Aaron is the provider of SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool where you can discover what keywords you should be targeting. His Blog is for the serious student.

SEO and Internet Marketing are the province of new start up Justin Briggs at SEO Zombie. He has set himself the task of getting to No 1 for the term Nashville SEO. Justin writes articles related to SEO and topics related to internet marketing that interest him.

Stephen Cronin from More Than Scratch the Surface is a plugin author, including the magic KeywordLuv, and writes mainly now on issues related to Running Websites: SEO, PageRank, Security etc.

  • Useful Posts

Then there are the thousands of single posts that are really helpful and to the point, like this one from Costa where he talks about the point of reciprocal linking, and this post from Monika Mundell that discusses Niche Marketing. Monika specializes in writing for the Web.

  • More…..

Alex on linking: CommentLuv Plus DoFollow Equal Unlimited Link Love

Yan Susanto on: The Best Places to Get Quality Backlink

Simon on How to Earn Money Online

Frank Carr with some very focused info like online cash from a niche blog

Costa’s Blog on WordPress customizations

Hopefully this post will be updated and grow as this list of ‘experts’ grows. Please feel free to post your views in the Comments.

So study the work of these generous people and discover how you can have a ‘Top Money Making Blog’ of your own.


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75 Responses to Now You Can Have a Top Money Making Blog

  1. Grizzly says:

    Hi Rhys,

    Thank you very much for the link. I’m not quite at the north pole and we use high speed smoke signals these days but overall you weren’t far off. Lol.

    Good luck with your site and thanks again – you mention some good people in this post.

  2. Great list Rhys =P
    I need to read SEO Book more, I spend more time over at SEO Moz reading everything Rand has to say.
    I’m flattered to be included on any list with such great names. Thanks for the mention and the link =)

    Don’t forget, you’re always welcome to drop a keyword anchored link when you comment on my blog. They’re all do follow =)

  3. Markk says:

    Good to see you’re following the ‘3 musketeers’ of blogging. They are great guys. Hope to see you enjoy success as you navigate the blogging minefields to reach your objective. Good post and tip-off for those who happened to stumble upon your blog.

    Markk’s last blog post..Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free

  4. Hi Rhys,

    I’d also like to thank you for the link back to my site. Great you used an appropriate anchor link too. 🙂 You got all my buddies here as well. Feels like family.

    Monika Mundell’s last blog post..Freelance Writing Behind The Scenes

  5. Rhys says:

    Grizzly –

    Great to see you this close to the SOUTH Pole, thanks for dropping by.


  6. Rhys says:

    Hi Justin –
    Welcome to my world. This list is made of those whose writing and attitudes have been helpful, so you earned any mention you got.

  7. Rhys says:


    Glad to see you here, I want to try and save aspiring SEO types the tedium of reading masses of useless (and near useless) posts to get the ‘dinkum oil’

  8. Rhys says:

    Gidday Monika, how’s it going on the East Coast? –

    I credit Grizzly with teaching me the importance of using the right anchor text in any link-backs I put up. It is not only courtesy, but all goes to building the link value.

  9. Alex says:


    Quite a collection you got there and I’m glad you didn’t miss the Monika – she is awesome, isn’t she?! I do have to say – she is a bit more “down under” then east coast (lol, first chance i got to use that 🙂 )!


    Alex’s last blog post..CommentLuv Plus DoFollow Equal Unlimited Link Love

  10. Rhys says:

    Hi Alex, nice of you to drop in!

    The East Coast of Oz, actually was what I meant (2280km from me in Sth Oz).

    Lifting each others blogs with a little link love is going to help ourselves. Every article I read teaches me something, so we do get the double benefit when we go and link.

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  12. Hey Rhys

    You have compiled a great list of a-list bloggers and thanks for sharing it with us.


    Blog for Beginners’s last blog post..5 Possible Ways to Speed Up Your Blog

  13. Rhys says:

    Hi Again Yan! Nice to have you here.

    I wouldn’t call them A-listers because of the “take the punters money” flavor they have. How about we coin a new term and call them E-Listers (E as in Expert)?

  14. Very interesting blog, i have added it to my fovourites, greetings

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  16. Hey Rhys

    Congrats on your new PR and thanks for adding me into your E-lister. All the best from here onwards, pal.


    Blog for Beginners’s last blog post..The Best Places to Get Quality Backlink

  17. Hi Alex,

    LOL, thank you so much for your vote of confidence. I’m glad you got to use the term down under. And yes, I do leave on the East Coast of Down Under, nice and sunny, beautiful beaches, paradise…need I say more? 🙂

    Monika Mundell’s last blog post..It’s Time To Strip Naked

  18. Hi Rhys,

    Down Under is going very well. After a spell of really cold weather (it is winter here right now) it’s nice an sunny again.

    Hope you are keeping well too. I wish you a great weekend.

    Monika Mundell’s last blog post..It’s Time To Strip Naked

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  23. You have very good people that great blogs that will help newbie bloggers a lot. Grizzly has helped me before. I have to bookmark this post and read every recommendation you have. I have already read some great articles from the list above but will be ready for more. Great post.

    ways to earn online´s last blog post..Time Is Money: Legitimate Paid Surveys

  24. webkinz says:

    You mentioned very nice people here. Although I would everybody interested in the niche to follow Sphinn for 2-3 month an find more great blogs there.

    webkinz´s last blog post..Virtual Images for January Webkinz 2009

  25. Thanks for sharing and telling us Rhys whom we should follow.

    Shanker Bakshi´s last blog post..Twitter Limits Following to 2000 People

  26. You have a pretty similar list to me! These guys are great and if it wasn’t for them I would have long given up on this game! I’d also add Frank Carr at he does some great little programs and themes which are focussed on the less is more school of Griz blog design!

  27. Rhys says:

    Thanks Lis;

    I’ve added Frank in with his niche blog post.

  28. Brad Callen says:

    Thanks for sharing with us the valuable Have a Top Money Making Blog.

  29. Hi Rhys,

    I`m a Griz, Court, Costa and Monica reader, and they are a honest person where we coud find good info about making money with adsense.

    i`ll fav you too.

    Mobiliario Juvenil´s last blog post..Decoração Quarto Casal

  30. freestuff says:

    You listed some of the better sites around for making money. They all are good in the topidc they write about and give great advice and tips.

    freestuff´s last blog post..Freeloans. Paydayloans. Cashadvances.

  31. Janice says:

    Sweet!! thanks for those links, it will be useful in gaining more information on how to create money on blog, it will definitely be a good start..

    Janice´s last blog post..Marketing Company

  32. Rhys,

    That certainly is a great list a top bloggers that most of us have one time or another crossed paths with. Thanks for sharing.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog´s last blog post..Interview With Yan Susanto-Blogging Tips For Beginners

  33. I like the sites you listed. Some of them have great articles on seo and what makes money. They all are easy to understand and go into great detail so anyone should read them.

    Best etf funds list´s last blog post..Oil etf.

  34. Just follow Grizzly and you will have a successful blog. Thanks for the post!!

  35. Blogs can be very profitable if you find the right niche.

  36. Grizzly blog is very good. I use the same template for my blogs and work really great and the information posted is good. I recommend his blog.

  37. is there any sort of investment involved, and how much and how often do you collect money from it?

  38. Rhys says:

    @ Used M –
    Suggest you start reading here Adsense for beginners

  39. T1 internet says:

    Thanks i did not know about some of the sites you listed. I read about half of them all the time and will take a look at the others. Great post everyone should read the sites if they want to make money with a blog.

  40. powertools says:

    Great post. Every site has some great ideas and really do help you make money with a blog. Thanks i bookmarked this post.

    powertools´s last blog post..Router bits.

  41. Thanks you listed some great sites. I like seo book they have alotof good tools for keywords and seo optimizing a blog or site. Every site listed has great ideas to seo and find best niche to make money.

    digital photography´s last blog taking tips and tutorials

  42. Great post has all the info one one post that anyone needs to make more money. Some great sites and tips that do work i have been reading them now for a few days and like everyone you listed thanks.

  43. It seems to me that things keep changing and by the time you work at it and get a bunch of backlinks, google will change the way it does things and you will have to start all over again

  44. freebees says:

    You listed some very good sites. I like reading the seo sites they always seem to find new ways to promote a site. Some of the money making ideas also are good.

    freebees´s last blog post..datingservices

  45. Wallmart says:

    Nice post. Great list of sites that have almost everything anyone needs to make thier blog a success. Very good info all sites listed and post have some great information.

    Wallmart´s last blog post..Ford motor company stock.

  46. Very good post. Every site is one of the better ones for each topic. I like seeing how other people started out and worked on site to get it to make money. You can actualy follow thier ideas and make your own money.

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  47. Good information. You should also put your 2 post about listed twice and number 1 in googfle in the links. They helped me on a site i own.

  48. freeloan says:

    Thnaks those are some great sites to read. I did not know about most of them so i like the fact you can find almost anything you need to learn on one or another of them.

  49. Hi there,
    Thank you very much for this, as a complete newbie to this seo business I am finding it almost impossible to differentiate between the useful and the entirely scammy. This really helps and will become my required reading over the next few days. Thank you.

  50. Sunil Jain says:

    Along with all these you must use some must have SEO plugins for your wordpress blog.
    Here it is
    I hope it helps everybody 🙂

    Sunil Jain

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