The Three Essential Internet Marketing Tools

  • Internet Marketing Business Models

In it’s simplest form internet marketing is to do with how to monetise your site.  You may add some affiliate Google Adsense (pay per click) links, set up Google Adsense ads, or open up a simple e-Commerce site selling t-shirts or e-Books.  Internet marketing, however, is to do with the whole deal and concerns every aspect of your site whether it be just a long-tail-keyword niche site, or a full on global sales empire.

  • The Three Essential Tools

Three Essential Internet Marketing ToolsThis site deals with SEO (search engine optimisation); web-site design; and with keyword coherence (a logical keyword strategy).  We delve into things like Google Adsense, Blogger and WordPress too, but primarily it is those three tools that are discussed here on BizBlog.

  • SEO, Site Design, and Keyword Coherence

SEO, web-site design, and keyword coherence are the keys to unlocking the MMO (make money online) potential of your site. It is really, really important to get those three basic site-building bricks cemented firmly in place.  If you want to build a proper business, with an effective growth strategy, and the ability to keep growing, then make this your top priority.

  • Is Content Really King?

There are some who trumpet the value of a particular aspect of site building, like “content is king”, or “backlinks are everything”, and yes, they are very important, but we believe that they are all secondary to the above 3 points. You could actually build a high traffic site with nonsense content if you get the other things right, and it could still work, but pertinent content would really launch it.


How To Monetize Your Site

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  1. This post is full of interesting content for internet marketing. I’m gonna try these tools out and verify. Thank you for this wonderful post!
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  2. duplicate content is a bit unfair. Those sites that have a higher PR tend to survive google’s wrath

  3. Rhys says:


    I have NEVER found a Google SERP that put a duplicate listing above my original text, so my experience is that duplicate listing hasn’t hurt me at all. Actually, I get a buzz out of seeing a full page of SERPs from other sites as well as mine, all quoting my work. Something about “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” maybe??

    😎 – Rhys

  4. Rhys says:

    Hi Florence –

    UI commented about this above; “I have NEVER found a Google SERP that put a duplicate listing above my original text, so my experience is that duplicate listing hasn’t hurt me at all. Actually, I get a buzz out of seeing a full page of SERPs from other sites as well as mine, all quoting my work. Something about “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” maybe??”

    I suspect that the duplicate content thing is largely an internet myth. E.G search for the first line of my last post and Google returns 2 serps with a plus sign (expands to 4 – sometimes 6 more!); for my site plus nine other sites that have quoted all or part of the article. I’m flattered, and I can’t see any duplicate penalty in there anywhere, rather, a reward – which is multiple results that all go to boost the ‘juice’ of my chosen keywords! I usually try to embed a link to another page within my site, and this helps to keep my ‘original author’ attribution intact.

    😀 – Rhys

  5. Pam says:

    I have tried to do these very things. It has not brought me the traffic, I would have hoped for. I am still trying to tweek my sites. This is the reason that I am searching the web for help. I feel like I have come along way, but still have alot to learn. Thanks for the help.

  6. Your writing’s great thanks for the information you post is very interesting for me to follow, perhaps I should say thank you for all the things you write is so nice. Keep blogging.

  7. Car Broker says:

    These marketing tools are very generic marketing tools for SEO and content and keywords are the key of importance your Website.

  8. I believe you are right about the back links, but how do you get the really good back links? I have heard that some back links give you a better back link, what ever that is. I will keep reading and try to figure it out. Love your site. It has been a great help.

  9. The tools make easy for seo work, the tools which you are provided are more important.

  10. La Zagaleta says:

    The biggest thing that helped me become an authority on my chosen subject, is really becoming a genuine expert giving visitors useful information on whatever it is they are interested in.

    Try and get some of your articles syndicated to more authouritive sites.
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  11. wow!! really? I just read that you have nonsense content with a high traffic.. Your post really helps me..thank you so much for such a great information…I must have to work on those three important things you tackled about…
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  13. The things you mentioned was quite a help…but how can I make money from my site to cover my hosting costs or even make significant revenue from my site or blog..?

  14. Craig says:

    I have been told that “content is king” but if you have the worlds most amazing content and noone can find it then it does not matter. Then again you could have rubbish content and as long as people link to it you win. I guess it is a balance of the two.
    Craig´s last blog post ..Do You Love to Play Bingo

  15. Great advice. I agree Keyword choice is key over content, but good content always helps. thanks for the post

  16. These Internet Marketing Tools are great. Your tips are very helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I found a lot of useful tips from this post. Keep blogging.

  17. Thanks for sharing such an informative post. Internet marketing tools helps to do the seo work easier and faster. Keep up the good work.

  18. I really wanted to know more about web designing. I have tried different basic tutorial on dreamweaver and Photoshop but I think I need to learn more to really apply all the things that I have learned.
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  19. Web Strategy says:

    This is a great insight on how the basics of Internet Marketing can really be game changing. Most of my posts revolve around the same principle. 🙂

  20. Very informative and insightful post. I agree with you, SEO, Site Design, and Keyword Coherence are all very important aspects that an internet marketer must learn to be successful online.

  21. So long tail keyword versus short tail. I personally think that a mixture of both are good. But keywords are nothing if you have a bad website or your content is off KEY.

    Engaging content will get people coming back to your site and creating backlinks to your site, which will only encourage others to visit and do the same which will ultimately boost your search engine rankings.

  22. dubaiflowers says:

    Marketing is an most necessary element which plays a big role in getting business success. By adopting your shared marketing tools, it become easy to get the desired task.
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