How to Get Listed Twice in the Top Ten SERPs

How to Get Listed Twice in the Top Ten SERPs

(Double Listing)


Google has changed the rules and this info is now outdated – See the latest post here

  • Getting 2 Birds with One Stone

Getting 2 Birds With One Stone

I have a question from Mariam [Anti-aging Diets] wanting to know how to get listed twice in the top ten SERP’s.  This is when you have your page in the top 10 and another listed page offset directly under it. This double listing is very cool [also classed as getting 2 birds with one stone].

  • Use Identical Keywords

We will assume for the moment that you selected your niche and long-tailed keywords [LTK’s] carefully and already have one page in the top ten SERPs.  Then to repeat that, you have to optimize another page with the identical keywords and with an equal dose of linking authority, and  internal site linking. For another slant on this read Griz’s take on it here Make Money For Beginners

  • Double  Listing – AKA, Double Indexing and Indented Listings

Double Listing
Double Listings are also known as Double Indexing and Indented Listings.
Double indexing can also refer to the situation where you have the same site listed twice, once as http://www.whatever  and again without the www in the URL. A Double Listing with the indented listing directly below is the ideal. Another good example of getting a double listing in Google SERPs is this post from Lissie [search on Site Build it Scam Review] which opened up the whole topic of Scam Reviewing of affiliate products.

  • Good SEO

Google ranks each page on it’s authority for the keyword being searched.  This authority is made up of relevance, plus the authority and relevance of the incoming links to it. So to get onto that coveted top ten page you need to apply some SEO to your page and get your keyword coherence in place.  That means placing your keywords correctly; getting your internal links set up as in “Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google“; and setting up some quality backlinks, as in  Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister.

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Finding out how to get listed twice in the top ten SERPs is a good step on the way to finding out how to Monetize your Site! Getting in the first five of the top ten will just about guarantee you get traffic, but doing it twice [double listing] will really guarantee it!


How To Monetize Your Site

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  1. Ant says:

    i have had double listing in the past and they have lated about 1-2 days then they were gone (back to one listing), this happen several times, it seem to me they G does not like the idea of double listing on my keywords, i have seem this with a couple of other sites in my keywords (btw this was on page 1) then a competitor has now got a double listing and has had it for about a week now, so how come my listing didnt last and his has?
    internal doors
    Ant´s last blog post ..Price drop for Smoothfold Doors

  2. Rhys says:

    @Ant –

    What I do results in permanent double listings.

    😉 – Rhys

  3. Really,I impressed your pictorial representation..You have given a better idea about double listing and double indexing..By reading this,i came to know that how to get listed twice in the top ten SERP’s.

  4. It’s a great thing to get 2 results in the search engines like Google. Multiple listing for urls can get a lot more traffic for a site or blog.

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