How to Get Listed Twice in the Top Ten SERPs

How to Get Listed Twice in the Top Ten SERPs

(Double Listing)


Google has changed the rules and this info is now outdated – See the latest post here

  • Getting 2 Birds with One Stone

Getting 2 Birds With One Stone

I have a question from Mariam [Anti-aging Diets] wanting to know how to get listed twice in the top ten SERP’s.  This is when you have your page in the top 10 and another listed page offset directly under it. This double listing is very cool [also classed as getting 2 birds with one stone].

  • Use Identical Keywords

We will assume for the moment that you selected your niche and long-tailed keywords [LTK’s] carefully and already have one page in the top ten SERPs.  Then to repeat that, you have to optimize another page with the identical keywords and with an equal dose of linking authority, and  internal site linking. For another slant on this read Griz’s take on it here Make Money For Beginners

  • Double  Listing – AKA, Double Indexing and Indented Listings

Double Listing
Double Listings are also known as Double Indexing and Indented Listings.
Double indexing can also refer to the situation where you have the same site listed twice, once as http://www.whatever  and again without the www in the URL. A Double Listing with the indented listing directly below is the ideal. Another good example of getting a double listing in Google SERPs is this post from Lissie [search on Site Build it Scam Review] which opened up the whole topic of Scam Reviewing of affiliate products.

  • Good SEO

Google ranks each page on it’s authority for the keyword being searched.  This authority is made up of relevance, plus the authority and relevance of the incoming links to it. So to get onto that coveted top ten page you need to apply some SEO to your page and get your keyword coherence in place.  That means placing your keywords correctly; getting your internal links set up as in “Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google“; and setting up some quality backlinks, as in  Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister.

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Finding out how to get listed twice in the top ten SERPs is a good step on the way to finding out how to Monetize your Site! Getting in the first five of the top ten will just about guarantee you get traffic, but doing it twice [double listing] will really guarantee it!


How To Monetize Your Site

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  1. Its really amazing that your blog is ranked 1st & 2nd in Google for keyword phrase “How to get listed twice”. Such twice ranking for high searched keyword will do wonders for any website. Before I have seen websites 2 pages ranked for same term and I had no idea how they achieved that. But after reading this post, I at least know their secret. Thanks for such a detailed and well written post.
    .-= Watch free movies´s last blog ..Paranormal Activity =-.

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  3. Could you please explain how i would do this in googgle local maps for my business listing.
    Is is possable?Also is this still able since google has shaken uo trhe entire organic search category fields.

  4. Rhys says:


    I don’t think you can because an address is unique, except maybe get one listing for the street address and the second for a Box number (Read this)

    Don’t know about Google shake ups, but all my prime post keywords are still Number 1, Double Indexed, and Trust Ranked as well. So I must be doing something right


  5. Hey, thanks for explain that.
    Yes I agree, this remind me of the old sentence: “Getting 2 Birds with One Stone”

  6. I think that it is really a best succession about to Get Listed Twice in the Top Ten SERPs in this post with have a great article…
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  7. This is really a great thinking mate. Working on sub domains is also a great idea.

  8. Good Univ says:

    Since there are million of websites in the world, it is really hard to get listed twice in the top 10, especially for the competitve niche. SEO is the most important tool to improve a site ranking.
    .-= Good Univ´s last blog ..Leading Universities in California =-.

  9. I am really surprised that more websites do not take advantage of this strategy. If you can dilute the SERP’s with your listings, you are pushing one more competitor to page #2 and you are likely to get much better click through rates.

  10. Indented listings are quite harder to achieve than what might others say. Seems like you really need to come up with a new post or idea, that will somewhat, connect to your already ranking word or phrase.
    .-= Sikat Ang Pinoy´s last blog ..Allan Pineda A.K.A Apl De Ap Ng Pampanga =-.

  11. Nice analogy laptop briefcases, it was like, 2 birds in one stone, more listing for you, less visibility for your competitor.

  12. Rhys says:


    I believe it happens most when you have a different post but with the same keywords

    😉 Rhys

  13. Rhys says:


    I agree; having really relevant content for your article is a major key in this.

    😉 Rhys

  14. Could you please explain how i would do this in googgle local maps for my business listing.

  15. Rhys says:


    Read the reply to Murphy above, this question is already answered!

    😡 – Rhys

  16. If your site is tightly themed around a specific niche, you often get double listings naturally. You don’t have to do all of the link building all over again for the second page.

  17. Do you follow Stompernet folks? They talked about this double listing thing in Google a couple of years back. If I remember correctly, the trick is to do internet link building on a page that you want double listed (ie. point a link from all of your internal webpages to that one single page.)
    .-= passive income blogger´s last blog ..How To Get Out Of The Rat Race =-.

  18. Very good post. It really helped me a lot, will be referring a lot of friends about this.
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  19. I found this article while looking for more info on double indexing. I just ran an experiment on the term “Silver Bullion Producer” and some related terms. I was able to get 8 out of 10 of the front page results, with three double indexes by using various interlinked domains. I also got an extra 5 on a drop down menu “see more results from” I’ve been documenting my experiment on my blog as Silver Bullion & SEO (multiple posts). It is pretty fun, but the key phrase is obviously not to competitive.
    .-=´s last blog ..Silver Bullion & SEO #5 (Update) =-.

  20. Tasarım says:

    Wow! Being able to apply this and get listed twice would be pretty cool :]

  21. Rhys says:

    Right – It’s easy to get it with rare keywords, but it take an authoritive site to do it against competition!
    😎 – Rhys

  22. Great article!I think this has to be the single best article online..I really appreciate it.Thanks for a great blog!

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    Very good post. It really helped me a lot, will be referring a lot of friends about this. Keep blogging.

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  26. Serre says:

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    I am really glad to see that you are putting so much of effort for encouraging the readers with valuable posts like this.Keep blogging.

  28. Kim says:

    I do not follow. I think that I am doing something like this, but I am not quite sure. I do try to use the keywords again on another site. I will keep reading to see, if I can learn more. Sometimes I get it and sometimes it takes me a little longer to get.

  29. Mary says:

    I thinks that I have this covered because I have bought as many of the same names with different matches. I try to buy at least six of the same keyword, mixed and matched.

  30. tava tea says:

    I have noticed this happen a few times for different pages on different sites of mine. I did not cotton on tot he reason until I read you article here. now I know how to utilize it. Thanks.

  31. Mathew says:

    This would really help me out alot. I thought that everything stood on it own. I have alot to learn about all of this stuff but, I am having a good time doing it. I have started learning what linking can do for me, too. It has been a big help, also.

  32. Exactly mate. It’s been a real hard work for me to get on the top. It would be lovely to get a second link up there! It’ll require some work but hey! It’s worth it eh? 🙂

  33. Well i believe the ‘starter’ should be ranking #1 first 😀

  34. Sandra says:

    I must be doing something right because I have been following what you say to do and everything is doing great. I was having a rough time of it until I found your page. Other people do not give you the full view but, you do. It makes life alot simpler.

  35. This is really a nice post. Obviously, you are putting a lot of hard work on your blog. I’m sure I’d come back here more often. Keep blogging…

  36. I’ve seen a lot of posts here about whether there are any good internet classified ad sites. I’ve found about 21 sites whose ads appear in Google SERPS. If you use good SEO on your ad content you should do well with Google in these sites.

  37. diabetes says:

    I am going to share some ideas to get double indexed on google..
    1-Pick a new subject or a long less used niche related keyword, and write an article with that in mind.
    2-Next you want to spin(rewrite) that article and submit it to sites like Squidoo, e-How, Hubpages and etc. Make sure you leave a couple of link in the articles with your keywords as your anchor text.
    3-Wait about 24 hours or so, then write another article on the same topic as your last articles, but make sure it’s unique, and don’t forget to use your keywords.
    4-All that is left to do now, is to go back to your first article, and use one of the main keywords as an anchor text to link back to the second article. If you want you can bookmark both articles as well, it will give you a boost.
    5-It takes time, depending on the competitiveness of the keywords you use. Depending on your skills on using the right keywords in the right places in your articles, it may take a while. The more you do this with your niche keywords, the sooner you will get double indexed, and the better you will rank.

  38. All information is incredible and I am sure people must have got valuable and effective knowledge from this post.

  39. This double listing is very cool. We will assume for the moment that you selected your niche and long-tailed keywords carefully.
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  40. It’s a great thing to get 2 results in the search engines like Google. Multiple listing for urls can get a lot more traffic for a site or blog.

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  42. Dosha says:

    I like the way you explain everything without using complicated terms. Keep up your good work, eagerly waiting for your next post.

  43. That is shocking and challenging. They keep changing the method and it becomes our need to fight back so that we can maintain ranking.

  44. enigin says:

    Interesting idea! I never think about such a great idea that listed in search engine at twice by using this procedure. Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful post with us.
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  45. Marble Games says:

    Form this article I learn a clever way to get double indexed on Google. Its the easiest and most unknown way to achieve double indexing.

  46. I learn a clever way to get double indexed on Google from this post. Thanks for this informative read.

  47. That’s a very interesting idea. Form this article I learn a clever way to get double indexed on Google.I think it’s the easiest method to achieve double indexing.

  48. Thanks for such a nice information. I am very glad to know about this as its very good article for me to learn something new. I will prefer this from now on and share this to my friend.

  49. I have learn a clever way to get double indexed on Google from this post. This is what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing.

  50. I think that now in many case Google know to compare website address and will two page of the same domain but will not show on the first 10 but as additional page under the first one already listed.

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