How to Write the Perfect Post

The Perfect Post

The Perfect Post

My golden rules for writing the Perfect Post are:

  1. Keep it as short as possible
  2. Use white space and bullet points
  3. Always include a graphic!

And I should mention the platinum rules too – Start and end with the keyword/keyphrase; and don’t forget the anchor text links!

  • KISS! (Keep it Simple Sir)

You want to strike the happy balance between covering all the bases and saying too much.  The net has conditioned us to speed read, and scan pages to quickly pick out the ‘meaty bits’. If your readers can’t do this they will mostly just click away and go and find a site that  offers these features.

  • Only NERDS and NOOBS use Dark Backgrounds

Bullet Points and white space are really important for scanning the page to quickly get to the info we are looking for.  Small chunks of text, with easily understood headings are essential for fast surfing.  If you capture the readers interest in those first 12 seconds, they will surely read on and get to the rest of your site; but NOT if they get bored with big slabs of type.  Always use easily read type, like Arial, and NEVER use dark backgrounds.

  • Get Traffic From Pic’s

The whole Web is a graphic experience, and for this reason I always use a graphic.  We home in on the pictures when we are scanning, so try to make the picture as relevant as you can.  Google sends me lots of traffic from my pics too! Make sure that the header immediately above the pic, the jpg name, the pic title and the ALT text ALL USE THE SAME KEYWORDS, to get Google listings for it.

  • Keywords and Links and Tags

Build in your keywords like this.  If your post is about “the Perfect Post”, then use that phrase in the title, again in BOLD or EM in the first sentence, and again in the last paragraph.  Be sure to link to a keyword on one of your  internal SEO pages, one that will reinforce the message, and to your site theme keywords too. I see lots of my traffic searches coming from tags, sometimes more than come from the regular listings, so DO NOT forget to use tags.  I include six to ten if I can.

  • Proof of this “Perfect Post”


as the screenshot shows – the keyphrase “write the Perfect Post” shows up as number 1 out of 74,000,000 SERPs only an hour after being posted! Use these simple rules and you too will soon be writing the Perfect Post!


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80 Responses to How to Write the Perfect Post

  1. Mathew says:

    This is some of the most sound advice that I have heard. It is real and to the point. I will have to incorperate this into my emails. Thanks alot.

  2. Do you choose the keywords before title of the post? Or you first write the article and then try to promote it?

    That’s a key action that should be mentioned.

  3. Rhys says:

    @WdP –

    None of the above, I usually write about a SUBJECT that complements the whole blog (relevance!); and then the title always features the prime long-tailed keyword. A variation on the above is when you write a post to strengthen or add to a particular keyword as part of your “Keyword Coherence” strategy.

  4. Rhys says:

    Hi Alex!

    Great to have you appear on my Blog. I always enjoyed your writing too.

    😉 – Rhys

  5. false alarms says:

    for the perfect post there are various thing which are mentioned above…

  6. Its gave me some information how to write a perfect post and its useful to me thanks! your article is great add some more.

  7. You are referring to the dark background in the content of the blog, right? Because you have a dark background on the outer part of your site. 🙂 Great strategy, by the way.

  8. Rhys says:

    @Jay –

    Right – Remember the original computer screens with white text on a black ground – Uuuugh! Then they tried green text on black, but the whole world very quickly changed to the opposite display as soon as it was invented – probably because it appears to the brain the same as all the other paper based visuals.

    😉 – Rhys

  9. Oh yeah. So that’s why you said its for nerds and noobs. lol But yeah the appearance of your blog is quite important. Readers should have be comfortable reading your posts. Otherwise, they won’t read it no matter how good and informative your topic is.

  10. I really considered these tips as useful for me because I always write articles and posted to my personal blog. Yes, it is really important to have a graphics to make your posts more attractive and that users will be encourage to read if they have seen a beautiful graphics that represent your article. Thanks again!

  11. These are great tips on how to write perfect blog posts. Using pictures regularly is a great tip. To always use easy read type style, like Arial, is another great tip.
    Gift Ideas Blog´s last blog post ..Wedding Anniversary Photo Cubes

  12. Nice blog. Since the start of the SEO trend keywords, anchor links/texts, pics and alts became an important factor in the net.. It will make your blog go in a higher position in search engines but mainly google.
    Andrea @ Anelli xavier reviews´s last blog post ..Hello world!

  13. SEO Seattle says:

    Great article. So many businesses forget that the overall objective of the website is to make more money. Thanks for sharing your information.

  14. keith says:

    This post will perfectly help me in writing my posts. I’ll make sure to bear all of these in mind. And you have a perfect proof that you mean what you talk about. thanks. 🙂
    keith´s last blog post ..Sep 28- Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving- Mother and Son Peeling Potatoes- Saturday Evening Post Cover 1945

  15. Kelden says:

    Ya I try and include a picture related to the post. It makes it appealing and more professional in my opinion. Your blog posts look professional and nice.
    Kelden´s last blog post ..Pre-Order Call Of Duty- Black Ops FOR FREE

  16. Craig says:

    I would not have though that. I thought when writing a post you need to make it as long as possible. Well, near the 500 mark. I thought people would be looking for as much information as possible? Obv I do not just mean just drag 1 paragraph to 3 but yeah lol. Pictures are always good.
    Craig´s last blog post ..Love to Play Bingo

  17. Mike says:

    Here it is: the recipe of a perfectly optimized post)) As I can see, that`s much more complicated that “simple” writing. Will implement your tips on my blog and see what happens. Thanks for you tips!
    Mike´s last blog post ..Abbott 3Q profit falls on Solvay- Meridia costs

  18. Barry Scott says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Especially the graphic part. I have found that a nice graphic at the very top of the post and or web page will keep a reader reading. Fastest way to send a visitor packing is have a wall of text. On lengthy posts and or pages, try using multiple graphics.
    Barry Scott´s last blog post ..Federal Cash for Clunker Appliances

  19. Dan Brock says:

    It’s true, everything you mentioned in your article. I have been applying most of the points you made here on my own articles, especially about keeping it simple. You explained them concisely and presented them well. Thanks for posting this! Great article!
    Deadbeat Superaffiliate
    Dan Brock´s last blog post ..Deadbeat Super Affiliate Prelaunch

  20. Foto Lienzo says:

    Been posting for blogs for quite a long time and haven’t got any format being followed whenever I make one. And with the pictures I used for my post, I make sure that it really gives a picture of what my topic is all about.


  21. To write a perfect post. first we all need to read the full details about the product. only then after we can suggest a perfect post for our product. second thing always try to explain all the matter in a simple and short form. Third thing always use image and other icon for the product. If necessary try to use a suitable Keywords for your product.
    Always check the status pf your product time by time to know the current improvement of your Keyword.

  22. Palm Bay says:

    I will certainly take note of this post. I have already learned a couple of these tricks just by playing around with my own WordPress sites.

    I use a popular wordpress plugn all in one seo. That has done wonders for my SEO and post rankings.
    Palm Bay´s last blog post ..New Trash Pickup Begins

  23. Very helpful post. It is important to always keep our post simple but with sense. Graphics should be related to the topic and the overall appearance should be pleasing to the eyes. For me, background should always depend to the post because some posts that have dark background are nice.

  24. Senya says:

    Маny good points here.
    I recently redesigned the site to use less dark and black colors after my designer reviewed it – so you could be right.

  25. Yes, you’re right here. I usually don’t mind the design of my post. But I realize that it is a very important thing in making my post. I believe that you strong point here is to make the post content more emphasized so that it will easily be recognized.

  26. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I agree with you. Designing your post is very important since it would bring effect to your content. Simple but clear post would is really an advantage. Readers are mostly interested with the information that they can easily capture and remains in their mind. Emphasising the keyword would also help.
    Varicose Veins Pittsburgh´s last blog post ..Vein Clinics vs Hospitals – 5 Reasons to Go to A Clinic Instead!

  27. Yes, I agree with you here. I always encounter posts that are overcrowded, too small text fonts and some have dark backgrounds. And sometimes the texts can’t be read because they’re both dark as the background. I think it is still okay to have dark background as long as the texts are emphasized or should I say, if the background is black, then make the color of the text white or any light colored texts. I like your point here which is “KISS”. I always forgot to do this with my post. I’m glad you shared this very helpful tips.

  28. You got good ideas here! Keeping it simple is always my neglected thing to do with my post. I’m not aware of these and I never do this to all my post. Now, its already clear for me on how important is the correct way of designing my own post. I will start to work on it for a perfect one. Thanks!

  29. Alex says:

    If you’d like your posts to become the most sought-after articles or if you would like your visitors to distribute your articles to their friends, you have to make sure that those articles are interesting enough to catch the their attention.
    Alex´s last blog post ..For Your Head Only

  30. I’ve always had it in my head that there’s no such thing as the “perfect post.” If I allow myself to think the contrary, I would drive myself crazy constantly going back to fine-tune my previous articles…
    Kids Craft Videos´s last blog post ..A Flower Thatll Pop on Your Moms Shadow Box

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