How to Write the Perfect Post

The Perfect Post

The Perfect Post

My golden rules for writing the Perfect Post are:

  1. Keep it as short as possible
  2. Use white space and bullet points
  3. Always include a graphic!

And I should mention the platinum rules too – Start and end with the keyword/keyphrase; and don’t forget the anchor text links!

  • KISS! (Keep it Simple Sir)

You want to strike the happy balance between covering all the bases and saying too much.  The net has conditioned us to speed read, and scan pages to quickly pick out the ‘meaty bits’. If your readers can’t do this they will mostly just click away and go and find a site that  offers these features.

  • Only NERDS and NOOBS use Dark Backgrounds

Bullet Points and white space are really important for scanning the page to quickly get to the info we are looking for.  Small chunks of text, with easily understood headings are essential for fast surfing.  If you capture the readers interest in those first 12 seconds, they will surely read on and get to the rest of your site; but NOT if they get bored with big slabs of type.  Always use easily read type, like Arial, and NEVER use dark backgrounds.

  • Get Traffic From Pic’s

The whole Web is a graphic experience, and for this reason I always use a graphic.  We home in on the pictures when we are scanning, so try to make the picture as relevant as you can.  Google sends me lots of traffic from my pics too! Make sure that the header immediately above the pic, the jpg name, the pic title and the ALT text ALL USE THE SAME KEYWORDS, to get Google listings for it.

  • Keywords and Links and Tags

Build in your keywords like this.  If your post is about “the Perfect Post”, then use that phrase in the title, again in BOLD or EM in the first sentence, and again in the last paragraph.  Be sure to link to a keyword on one of your  internal SEO pages, one that will reinforce the message, and to your site theme keywords too. I see lots of my traffic searches coming from tags, sometimes more than come from the regular listings, so DO NOT forget to use tags.  I include six to ten if I can.

  • Proof of this “Perfect Post”


as the screenshot shows – the keyphrase “write the Perfect Post” shows up as number 1 out of 74,000,000 SERPs only an hour after being posted! Use these simple rules and you too will soon be writing the Perfect Post!


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80 Responses to How to Write the Perfect Post

  1. Fred says:

    Hey Rhys!

    Congratulations, that is totally amazing! 😆

    Number one out of 74 MILLION! – Go for it – Fred

  2. MJ says:

    I am not sure about the “Dark theme = Nerds” part, but the rest of your pointers are some of the rules I implement in my blog as well. Thanks for this great post =)

  3. Rhys says:

    There a couple of readable combinations of light on dark, but most of them are much harder to read, and some are downright painful. Google for “Readability Dark Background”

    One of the most relaxing combos is dark/black on pastels.

    😉 – Rhys

  4. Nasif says:

    I would say borin person uses dark background on their blog. I love the KISS thingy (keep is simple sir !)
    .-= Nasif´s last blog ..Blog Blazers Ebook Giveaway Contest =-.

  5. niam says:

    you are a solid proof there, i would definitely follow the nice advice, thanks for the amazing post 🙂

  6. TradePlacer says:

    Some good points here. I recently redesigned the site to use less black and dark colors after my designer reviewed it – so you could be right.

  7. Kim says:

    I agree with you on every point but the tags. I don’t see these very useful, a much better functions with be “relevant posts” lists. Faster and more accurate, tags tend to be just 1-2 posts in every tag.

    Other then that, great post & list!

  8. Rhys says:


    Not sure if I understand your point, but my point is that I see lots of extra SERPs for every tag I add, and this means that I can sometimes have 5 of 6 of the top 10 listings, and all for the same actual post/keyword. I think this is pure magic, and it surely is adding ‘juice’ to each keyword!

    Google for “Write the Perfect Post” (quoted!) and expand the PLUS sign on the second listing, and you will find that the top seven listings are all mine, and that three of the seven are pointed to tags!

    😎 – Rhys

  9. Please Check My Error Of The site

  10. Rhys says:


    Get real! What error??

    ❓ – Rhys

  11. Matt says:

    I never thought that having a graphic was so important. But now that you point it out I can see how crucial it is. And I realize that so many of the blog posts I find ranking highly in searches actually have this element in them.

    The point by point format is also a good tactic, especially to get social bookmarking traffic. So many of the stories on Digg and similar sites use this method.
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..Online scammers getting more inventive =-.

  12. keeping it simple is defintely something that we’re all guilty of forgetting every once in a while- especially if we are experts in our field. But if you make it simple enough

  13. Ira Mann says:

    I like you “Keep it short” therory. So many bloggers think if they say alot then they look smarter. This is not true! And Graphics are a nice visual aid as well.

    Good Post!

    Ira “Keep It Simple” Mann

  14. Excellent advice, especially about the dark backgrounds! I hate it when I cannot even read the text, so discouraing!

  15. I think that graphic is important in the posts, because we see it first, earlier than we read the whole post. It can encourage if is related to the post, but otherwise discourage if is not. However I have to say that your tips pointed in this post are pretty simple but I would never conceive the idea of doing this that way. Good stuff.

  16. Really interessting! I’ve read a lot of rules that may be usefull, but I’ve never found a writting so clear like yours. I wonder if you are able to explain golg rules that may be usefull in public talks, as well. Thank you!

  17. great! you prove what you writen but i don’t understand one thing, the tags contain few keywords. how it can help our ranking?

  18. Macy says:

    I tend to get a little wordy. I am still working on keeping it short and simple. I have never heard of the KISS saying before. I am really going to keep saying that over and over every time I write a response. I never use dark backgrounds. That is something I do not have to change. You have been a big help.

  19. Rhys says:

    Hi Article D

    To me, it is because using tags gives me extra SERPs that I would not usually get. When I study my stats I see that quite often there are tagged page results with higher views than for the intended keywords. I see this as free extra traffic, all it costs is maybe 40 seconds to paste in a few tags after writing the post. Search traffic is good traffic, and you can not have ‘too much’!

    😎 – Rhys

  20. nice tips i love to see the emoticons in the post with every feelings in the post

  21. Thanks for the advises, especially the ones about how to use keywords in the post and in the links of my blogs , I will certainly use all these tips in my next posts on my blog…
    .-= Web opportunities´s last blog ..Use Ebay To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Links =-.

  22. Neil Martin says:

    Brilliant post. You are right the most effective content writing it simple and easy to read. No fancy fonts, no fancy backgrounds or animated buttons.
    .-= Neil Martin´s last blog ..LifeSize- High Definition Video Conferencing =-.

  23. Rhys says:

    Hi Neil –

    Thanks for the vote. I have been using this style for most of my posts, and it is evident from the comments that readers are ‘getting the point’ of what I write.

    😳 – Rhys

  24. using bullets can catch the eyes of the targeted a good practice to use bullets in the post..

  25. No offence, and there are some really great pointers in here which I have implemented in my blog – but your own blog is a little uh, aesthetically
    .-= Reg from Postal Gold´s last blog ..Purchasing gold =-.

  26. Kim says:

    I am fairly new to the business on the internet. First of all, I like your saying, “keep it simple sir”. I have heard it before, but as, “keep it simple stupid”. I like yours better with “sir”. Second, I have found that a link is not just a link. You need to have good quality links. Some links count for more than others. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  27. Rhys says:

    Gidday Reg!

    You would be one very cheeky monkey. Your site is the bog-standard WordPress theme which a lot of webmasters actually class as ‘ugly’ (Google for ugly WordPress theme) – and you have the gall to class my humble effort as “aesthetically dis-pleasing”.

    Actually this is totally subjective, and as such is ALL to do with personal taste. However, if anybody agrees with Reg and can point out any places I am breaking the accepted style rules, I would be really grateful to have the ‘dis-pleasing’ bits pointed out to me.

    😉 – Rhys

  28. Rhys says:

    Hi Laia!

    Use the same theory, but tranlate it to audio from visual. E.G. In place of the graphic, you might tell a relevant joke, and so on. You can’t do much better than take the advice of the old hill-billy who said; “First I tells ’em what I’m goin’ to tell ’em, then I tells ’em what I’m tellin’ ’em, then I tells ’em what I told ’em!” – Translated to: Use the keyword in the Header, then again in BOLD in the first paragraph, and again in the conclusion.

    If you really want to read my golden rules for speaking, you can find them here.

    😛 – Rhys

  29. Is including graphic so necessary? I don’t think so. I agree with the other tips anyway

  30. Kay says:

    My husband said, “you really know your stuff”. Everytime I ask him a question, he tells me to go and look you up. I have learned alot from your posts. Thanks for teaching me.

  31. images attract good traffic and it also describes about the post or the web…

  32. I must tell you some blogs are so lengthy and sometimes the outlook is also bad. When we write the blog the first thing is caption it should attract the readers..

  33. Rhys says:

    Well, Gosh, Wow, Golly, and My Word!! I thank you lovely Lady for the kind words.

    😳 – Rhys

  34. Rhys says:

    @Slimming Poznam –

    I believe the graphic is vital – IF you want repeat readers, and satisfied visitors!

    😉 – Rhys

  35. kyoks says:

    Perfect post! thanks! good information! 🙂

  36. Good tips…..especially about the images and anchor text.

    I probably get 5-6 search engine finds a day from Google images, which in a highly competitive keyword is worth about 50 bucks a day in AdWords dollars…..

    Anchor Text….no explanation needed! 🙂
    Mike @ cheap term life insurance´s last blog post ..Diabetes Insurance Underwriting for Life Products

  37. I think you have to be yourself. You need to speak like you are talking to one person. I will use some of your tips as well.

  38. Bowraven says:

    A good reminder of how to write good blog articles – thank you for the tips

  39. Is there any other reason why you shouldn’t use dark backgrounds? If you can get more detailed about why you shouldn’t use dark backgrounds I would appreciate it. But what if the dark design fits your product. Thanks for the help.
    James@Orange County Web Design´s last blog post ..Orange County Web Design Offers

  40. Ann says:

    “Small chunks of text, with easily understood headings are essential for fast surfing” – true enough!

  41. Sensa Pen says:

    Hi Rhys,

    Congratulation. Your post is still rank no 2 on Google for the keyword “write the perfect post” as at today. KISS approach is the best.

    Sensa Pen´s last blog post ..Sensa Pen

  42. Virginia Lawyer says:

    This is a very informative post for all..Always remember that in posting article for a blog or website you should try to impress your readers. This should be your number one goal. Take that extra mile to make sure that you’ll be able to make your readers happy. Don’t worry as you don’t need do to anything that is extra ordinary to make this happen. Just address their learning needs, make them smile occasionally, and make your blog posts easy to understand.
    Thank You for this idea I’ve learned something.

  43. Jeff says:

    This is the way everyone should do it, but they would rather complicate things. People do not feel like they are doing the right thing unless they are doing the wrong things. I agree with your article.

  44. Amy says:

    I really like this post. Although I also am not sure about the dark is for nerds part either… Even though my site does not have a dark background i’ve always found those sorts of blogs quite mysterious and somewhat appealing. Maybe thats just me. Nicely layed out though and I think many people will benefit from this for sure!

  45. SQL Training says:

    Wow those are some excellent tips, I always bold my keywords in the post and also use H1 and H@ tags when needed. I think its very important to have a highly optimized post to get a good rank in the Search Engines

  46. I think using a simple language for our posts is one of the most important thing and then SEO wise there is keyword density, keyword highlighting, image alt text etc. Great tips. Thanks
    Shiva | Web Magazine´s last blog post ..Rockable Press Rockstar WordPress Designer Revised Discount Coupon Code

  47. Posting blog is one of the best way to uplift and endorse the idea you want to share for all. Another, making links into your personal websites are available. Blog posting become amazing and creative depend on the style you put in. remember that the more your blog become creative not just the outlook but also the content the more your blog becomes popular.
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  48. Amazing! Only an hour after publishing the post? I’m quite impressed. My previous goal for my blog was to update it often. But I guess its not enough, I do need to optimize each post I make. Thanks to your advice, I’ll try to follow your 3 rules.

  49. Alex Sysoef says:

    Consistent content 🙂

    All the tips are superb but I think one of the most important things bloggers miss – tightly focused content.
    Alex Sysoef´s last blog post ..Beware Of HostICan Hosting Fraud And Consumer Scam

  50. Your post really resemble to what you define as perfect post.. I love the way you present it. It is brief yet concise and the words are easy to understand. I must learn to practice doing such…

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