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How to Get Keyword Coherence

Read on to find out how  to get Keyword Coherence – ……  Don’t know what that means?  Quite simply it is a phrase I invented to show how keywords fit together, strengthen each other and contribute to the wholeness of … Continue reading

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Simple SEO for WordPress

Simple SEO for WordPress There a few really simple things you can do to make your blog ‘bounce’ up the rankings to be that magic Number 1 in the Google SERPs. Check your dashboard settings and be sure that in: … Continue reading

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Grow Your Links Like an A-Lister

Grow Your Links Like A-Listers Do Site synergy: One way to grow your links like an A-Lister is to use your natural site synergy and refine your link quality so that the best links ‘rise to the top’.  What do … Continue reading

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Monetize your Website

Monetize your Website How to Monetize your Website Create a website Load it with Ads, or Links to Ads Build Traffic to Your Site Two Common Ways  to Monetise Your Web Site There are two common ways  to Monetise your … Continue reading

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