Build More WordPress Traffic

  • Scrap No-Index and Build More Word-Press Traffic
Build More WordPress Traffic

Build More WordPress Traffic

If ‘getting traffic’ is the name of the game for real Word Press bloggers, then applying the Word Press No-Index plugin to tags, categories and archives is to ‘score an own goal’. The theory behind this is to prevent any ‘duplicate content penalty’. Right, but is that really a good idea?  Seems paranoiac to me to wilfully rob your self of useful links

  • Google Trust Rank

This site, and my other blogs, enjoy the accolade of Google Trust Rank. Usually, when you look at my listings in the Top Ten SERP’s for my keywords, you will see see another listing indented (Double Indexing) under the first result and also you will note a little box with a plus sign (+) in it. Click this and you may find 5 more SERPS. For those terms it regards my sites as ‘Authority Sites’. I see that Google is displaying here URLs that are Tags, Categories, Archives, and so on. This is not duplicate content, but different URLS, and varying anchor text, but the result is SEVEN SERPs in a row.  How good is that? For any surfer clicking the box, I have the top seven SERPs on a keyword, I have beaten out the opposition and I AM STOKED!

  • Don’t Use No-Index on Tags, Categories, Etc

To exclude Tags for instance  using a no-index plugin is oxymoronic: what the heck are tags for, if not to offer a keyword focused extra source of listing and to be displayed in the SERPs? My top performing page this week is commentluv-guarantees-premium-keyword-backlinks and I can see in my CPanel stats that search spiders have used 6 different URL paths to that same page, all contributing traffic.  Activating the No-Index Plugin would therefore be shooting myself in both feet!  That is NOT the way to Build More WordPress Traffic!


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65 Responses to Build More WordPress Traffic

  1. You have great tips about writing the perfect post and your post is a great example of the principles you recommend. I do have a question about what you said regarding traffic from images – it’s true that using keywords in alt text will help you show up in image searches but do you consider that quality traffic? Generally people who use image search are not looking for information, just graphics.
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  2. Rhys says:


    You are right, but I hope that the search is still counted as relevant, because the search term itself is relevant.

    😆 – Rhys

  3. great post,Thanks for the information.

  4. I agree whole heartiedly I feel blocking google from wandering my site is a disadvantage. Let it wander whats to hide!

    I just use linking between pages to control juice flow anyway. a much better approach.

  5. Jessy says:

    I have heard alot of good things about word press and the plug ins that you are able to use. I do not currently use it but, I am really thinking about it because you seem to know what you are talking about and I would love to make more money with my sites.

  6. Will try to use the plug ins that you have mentioned.. Let’s see what it can do..Thanks for this!

  7. Senya says:

    On the account of the last point I not quite
    You call to use noindex, and for you tag not closed noindex?

  8. patrik says:

    It’s actually very useful in link building.

    I’m going to forward this on to a friend with whom I was debating the exact same topic, one nil to me! Thanks again.

  9. Isn’t PageRank sort of supposed to be what “trusting” is all about? Is TrustRank also necessary?
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  10. HARRY says:

    Twitter API????.

  11. Rhys says:

    @Harry –

    Like what does that mean exactly?

    ❓ – Rhys

  12. javid says:

    I want to know when category pages and tags created duplicates and you say they should not be indexed why then all the big news sites and popular blogs index all of their tags?
    I can name as an example, why their ranking in Google is good, is it useful for them too?
    Yours Sincerely

  13. Rhys says:


    Please re-read what I said. I.E., to use noindex on tags etc is oxymoronic! In other words, use all the indexing you can get!>

    😎 – Rhys

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