Build More WordPress Traffic

  • Scrap No-Index and Build More Word-Press Traffic
Build More WordPress Traffic

Build More WordPress Traffic

If ‘getting traffic’ is the name of the game for real Word Press bloggers, then applying the Word Press No-Index plugin to tags, categories and archives is to ‘score an own goal’. The theory behind this is to prevent any ‘duplicate content penalty’. Right, but is that really a good idea?  Seems paranoiac to me to wilfully rob your self of useful links

  • Google Trust Rank

This site, and my other blogs, enjoy the accolade of Google Trust Rank. Usually, when you look at my listings in the Top Ten SERP’s for my keywords, you will see see another listing indented (Double Indexing) under the first result and also you will note a little box with a plus sign (+) in it. Click this and you may find 5 more SERPS. For those terms it regards my sites as ‘Authority Sites’. I see that Google is displaying here URLs that are Tags, Categories, Archives, and so on. This is not duplicate content, but different URLS, and varying anchor text, but the result is SEVEN SERPs in a row.  How good is that? For any surfer clicking the box, I have the top seven SERPs on a keyword, I have beaten out the opposition and I AM STOKED!

  • Don’t Use No-Index on Tags, Categories, Etc

To exclude Tags for instance  using a no-index plugin is oxymoronic: what the heck are tags for, if not to offer a keyword focused extra source of listing and to be displayed in the SERPs? My top performing page this week is commentluv-guarantees-premium-keyword-backlinks and I can see in my CPanel stats that search spiders have used 6 different URL paths to that same page, all contributing traffic.  Activating the No-Index Plugin would therefore be shooting myself in both feet!  That is NOT the way to Build More WordPress Traffic!


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  1. Hey Rhys,

    I am a great fan of comment Love and it is truly a wonderful tool to gain a backlink in a legit manner.

    However I also believe the using no index tags are somewhat makes our blog to come under the shadow of suspicion, so I always avoid them.
    .-= Make Quick Money´s last blog ..Never Give Up Even When Goals Fail? =-.

  2. Paul Jean says:

    I’ve noticed that most bloggers now are using commentluv. Another great WP plugin that both beneficial to blog owner and readers. It’s actually very useful in link building.
    .-= Paul Jean´s last blog ..Toned Abs: Debunking the Myths that Hold you Back =-.

  3. Klara says:

    Some very useful tips, I thank you very much. Totally agree about tags, why would people not use them! Crazy. I’m going to forward this on to a friend with whom I was debating the exact same topic, one nil to me! Thanks again.
    .-= Klara´s last blog ..Tęsknota za domem i rodziną =-.

  4. Rhys says:

    Right on Klara –
    I would not like to lose all the traffic I get off tags……


  5. Thanks for sharing all this useful information! i think it is really a good solution to prevent the problem of ‘duplicate content penalty’. Good job! 🙂
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  6. The irony is that the use of ‘no-index’ shows you’re paying undue attention to Google rather than your users.
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  7. oes tsetnoc says:

    Google trust Rank is something new for me. I read the detail about it in the link you given. Its goood for sellers

  8. OweEng2 says:

    I totally agree with you. I also use CommentLuv, highly recommended WP plug-in.
    .-= OweEng2´s last blog ..Online Health Insurance Quotes and Cheap Health Insurance =-.

  9. Kim Ramsey says:

    Great information! I’ve heard so many advantages of commentluv to site owners. I believe they were ripping off benefits from it.

  10. very good information regarding google trust rank. you have made some steps to increase the traffic of blogs.thanks for sharing..
    .-= Link building´s last blog ..Link building services =-.

  11. Hey Rhys,tags doenst drop your traffic. Tags increase your number of indexed pages, indexed pages increases your site authority, site authority increases your PR.Thats the great advantage of using tags. Honeslty, no one knows whats the exact advantage of using tags.

  12. It seems silly to no-index tags, when they contribute so much to the traffic of the site. I noticed that when I added the WP-Autotagger to my blog, I got almost double the traffic within a month.

    The purists still think that having PR on your site is really important. I am now thinking that PR is only useful to get people to want to link on your site. So if you let your PR take a hit, less linkers will visit you.

    Have an amazing day!


  13. Imprezy says:

    No index tag – it’s crazy for me 🙂
    .-= Imprezy´s last blog ..Road Kill Zombies Łódź – 2009-12-19 =-.

  14. Hi,
    I think that You may already know how powerful WordPress can be to build your online business with. The plugins available make it extremely powerful and it can be used for almost any type of site you want from regular blogs to membership sites to full blown retail stores.
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  15. Good advice. Google seems to be able to mislead the entire seo industry with their guidelines. Google says jump and all the seo’s say ‘how high’. Everyone got worried about duplicate content penalties and they thought they had to manually block potentially offending pages.

  16. Hi!!Think of creating a high-traffic site or generating volumes of writing? Think that something you write might get enough attention to get “slashdotted” or dugg by digg, or some other high-traffic-generating site. Wonder if WordPress can handle the sheer volume of traffic or fail. Can WordPress handle all these situations?

  17. Taruhan Bola says:

    I think using no index is surely a bad idea. All hail commentluv

  18. No index on the Tag archive is a very good point, I think, some webmasters tend to have this kind of thinking not to pour in the page rank on those categories, thats why, making them no index instead of no follow.
    .-= Sikat Ang Pinoy´s last blog ..Arnel Pineda Ng Maynila =-.

  19. I think this method is applicable to a sophisticated SE such as Google, many search engine algorithm considered this as a method of spamming.
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  20. I would build a WordPress website and would also promote the WP website on Facebook. However, SEO is the best way to go for targetted traffic.

  21. And What do you think of Google friend connect ?

  22. Rhys says:


    Didn’t realize it existed. I’ve set it up and will have to wait now to see what happens. If you are building a social site, it will be a useful tool, but I doubt it will help much with a pure Adsense/Affiliate site

    🙂 – Rhys

  23. naveen says:

    I have set up my blog earlier. Optimizing in Search engline,
    I need heard Google Trust Rank, Thanks for the link.
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  24. ljianyih says:

    No-index tag is new to me as a beginner. I’ve learnt a lot from this post and also solved some of my queries i.e the + sign in search result.
    .-= ljianyih´s last blog ..30+ Possible Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic !! =-.

  25. Rhys says:

    @thank you Naveen
    I do get a big buzz from seeing all those +signs in the SERPs – 😎 – Rhys

  26. Is it better to build a wordpress website and do SEO or to make a Facebook Page?

  27. Nepali Blog says:

    Well, I have known that no-index is not good for wordpress specially tags. But how can I know if it is index or no-index?
    .-= Nepali Blog´s last blog ..Free Web Form Filler Firefox Addons =-.

  28. This is a great post. All along I have only read about these pages being treated as duplicate with no proof.

    This post is proof that this content is not duplicate, your site wont be penalized for it, and most importantly it can also get ranked 🙂

    Thanks for the post. Who doesn’t want an extra SERP?
    .-= Make Quick Money´s last blog ..Treasure Coach Review and Bonus =-.

  29. ppo says:

    I have a wordpress blog with over 2000 pages however, only about 1200 is index by google. I have a sitmap setup in google webmaster tools. What am i doing wrong?
    .-= ppo´s last blog ..PPO Insurance and Plans and deductibles =-.

  30. Interesting post. For a while there was a big scare about duplicate content. Everyone was worried that it was the big reason why they don’t have better Google rankings. I’m sure a lot of people butchered their sites by trying to block every potential duplicate page on their sites.

  31. Rhys says:


    I was amazed when I noticed that Google was listing the same content under different URLs.

    So it is important in WP to use Permalinks, categories, and tags to take advantage of this phenomenon, and get multiple listings.

    😎 – Rhys

  32. Rhys says:


    I spent some time on your site and could only find a few pages – Is the sitemap actually there? I couldn’t find it.

    My advice: put in a good ‘drop down’ hierachical navigation system, with as FEW levels as possible; or at the very least an index plugin. Spiders don’t like digging deep!

    Good luck – 😀 – Rhys

    PS. I replied to this earlier, but it got ‘lost’. Sorry for the delay.

  33. Rhys says:


    Highlight the link you want to inspect and in FireFox R/Click and choose “View Selection Source”. In Internet Exploder it is complicated. Do this:
    Highlight the link anchor text, rght click and choose copy. Go to the Page menu and choose View Source. In the window that opens press Ctr/F to open the ‘Find’ dialog, and paste in the link text. The link anchor will then be highlighted and you can find the surrounding code and check to see if there exists the “rel=nofollow” code.
    😎 – Rhys

  34. Building trafics is a painful job to do. However it is so important that blogger can’t afford to avoid them. But do not over do because it will make you forgot about your main purpose that is to put a quality content on your blog.
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  35. Pinoy Hugs says:

    WordPress is one of the powerful for SEO. And now it offers a lot of plugins like CommentLuv which will benefits the people’s comment an extra back link to his/her site. Keep it up!
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  36. Florence says:

    i use all-in-one-seo plugin and therein i applied a noindex only for the tag archives. but i see your point, i am removing it right away.
    .-= Florence´s last blog ..Custom textarea for blogger =-.

  37. Rhys says:

    @Florence –

    Good one! Take all the links you can get; Right?

    😎 – Rhys

  38. Ron says:

    Great point of view here Rhys. Why do we want that no-index tag on our blog or robots.txt file? after all, what we really want is to get those search engine bots to index and crawl all of our contest.

    Instead of implementing this no index thing, why not, try to make our tags and categorization much more effective. this way, we can maximize the traffic and the rankings our tags and categories are receiving.

    Just my 2 cents.
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign =-.

  39. Cheat Engine says:

    That is a good idea in building a link since we there are lots of factors you need to make a deep analysis on this matter
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  40. tetembak says:

    after read ur article.. i directly removing my tag noindeks in archieves and category… nice info
    .-= tetembak´s last blog ..Survey : 10 Persen Remaja Alami Pelecehan Seksual di Internet =-.

  41. idafazz says:

    nice article… i my noindex tag in my archieves//.. thanks
    .-= idafazz´s last blog ..Cara Membersihkan Laptop dan Notebook =-.

  42. after read ur article.. i directly removing my tag noindeks in archieves and category… nice info

  43. Why do we want that no-index tag on our blog or robots.txt file? after all, what we really want is to get those search engine bots to index and crawl all of our contest.
    .-= Dany Event Planning´s last blog ..Make your events planned by an expert =-.

  44. Thanks for the information, I used to exclude tags from beeing listed from search engines cause of fear of the duplicate effect as you said, but now I will stop doing it thanks to your post…
    .-= Opportunities´s last blog ..How To Make Killer Marketing Videos =-.

  45. I loved the bit regarding building links. Backlink building is a very vital piece of SEO for any blog. Furthermore one cant forgot on page optimization.

  46. thanks for the informations man!
    tag noindeks no more!
    didn’t know about all these things
    really thanks for share it!

  47. Abby says:

    You have shared so many good tips. I am happy to say that you have helped me, so much. I did not know how much I was hurting myself with my duplicate content. I have started writing my own articles. This has helped me, too.

  48. Having noindex tags seems a bit outrageous since they contribute towards some source of traffic for most sites. Its a common conception that page rank is one of the most important things a site needs but its important only when people want to link from your site. Sure it might impact your place on google, but if your pagerank was to fall a bit, it is less appealing for spammers to link from your site.

  49. I have not built many blogs yet. This is good information to know. I have heard that the one of the ways to get traffic to your site is through articles. I am learning so much.

  50. Mathew says:

    I have never used word press before. I have heard alot of good things about it. The plug ins sound easy to install. I guess that I will have to give it a try.

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