How to Easily Modify Word Press Theme

  • Easily Change your WordPress Themes.

modify-wordpress-theme The most important thing to do to monetize your site is to have a simple theme that will not distract the surfer from the content, one that offers only one way out – I.E., the link you put there to monetize your site, whether it be Adsense  or Affiliate Marketing, or the link to your own Sales Page.

  • Simple (Ugly) WP Themes

My concept here is that by using the (ugly?) default Word Press theme and modifying only three things, you can create totally individual, functional and aesthetically pleasing blogs very fast. This idea (using ugly blogs) is heavily promoted by monetizing Guru “Grizzly” Brears in his authoritative Make Money for Beginners blog, and widely accepted by those in the know. I have been doing this for some time with my new blogs, and have developed a ‘noob’ proof system to do so.

  • Fast Upgrades

A blog page consists of three basic elements, the Header, the Body, and the Footer, and in  the default WP theme each of these elements are built on backgrounds; kubrickheader.jpg, kubrickfooter.jpg, and kubrickbgwide.jpg. By editing these 3 pics in your favourite photo program, then saving them to the proper folder [wp-content/themes/default/images] you can change the entire look of your blog without fussing with any tricky CSS or HTML code. A really magical bonus for this is that whenever you update your WP version, you need only re-upload these 3 pics to restore your personalised upgrade.  How about that? – a 30 second upgrade!

  • Plugin-Proof  Modifications

By using the default WP theme you are guaranteeing that there will be no complications with plugins whenever WP brings out a new security upgrade, and this seems to need to be done more frequently to baffle those evil ‘exploiters’. Your plugins will always work perfectly with the default theme.

  • ‘Check Out’ here!

The other really important thing to do with your WordPress theme is set up your widgets so that only content and your key [monetizing] link(s) are visible ‘above the fold’; that is when the page is first viewed and BEFORE any scrolling takes place – that way, the non-serious, social traffic surfers can exit the page with one click, and hopefully it will be your “pay-off” link! Viola, Payola! Visit Costa and get another slant on  this idea of simple modifications for your Word Press Theme.

  • Example

    Adelaide Gift Company

    Adelaide Gift Company (Modded Default WP Theme!)

Here is one of my blogs that use the method I have been outlining here.  It looks dramatically different from the WP default theme, but is really just that theme, with some basic ‘PhotoShopping” applied to the backgrounds.

  • Update –

The  maker of this theme I have used for a couple of years has disappeared and the theme would not update to the latest [2.8.4] version, so I have adapted the standard WP default theme to look just like my original Blog.  This again illustrates what can easily be done to the basic WP Kubrick theme. If you have problem updating WP, check out WordPress Permalink 404 Error. I used the simple methods outlined above, but had to do quite a bit of tweaking to the style sheet to get the font colors to look like my original favourite ‘BinaryBonsai’ Business Theme.


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  1. Rhys says:

    @Lady G!

    It is not too hard – you can find my tutorial here:

    Enjoy – 😎 – Rhys

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  11. Kristen says:

    I think this is the best information about how to easily modify word press theme. I like the default theme and if you know enough about using Photoshop or Gimp then you can customize some of the elements to make your site stand out from the crowd.

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